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rare dog tag

Article about: german meteo Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default rare dog tag

    german meteo
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    Circuit advertisement rare dog tag
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    Ah, yes, I've only ever seen one other Artillerie meteorlogical platoon disc- very nice. They had a couple of very specialized small units in Artillerie Regimenter- another being sound-ranging, for counterbattery actions.
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    racing pigeons.mega rare...i dug out kurland
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    How so? What do you believe SFB stands for? It's not an abbreviation I'm familiar with and I can't find any 'translation' that fits, myself. Taube is the German word for pigeon, and Vogel is bird so I can't immediately see how SFB might indicate messenger pigeons (not racing ones, surely). Also it's a really big unit- a whole Bataillon- which I'd have thought would be rather large for so specialized and rarely-used a system; over 2300 men is a lot...
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    racing pigeons 100pr

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    SFB-Schule für Brieftaubenwesen - Heeresschule für Hunde und Brieftauben in Sperenberg (Hunde) und Berlin-Spandau (Brieftauben)

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    Ah, okay so the B is not Bataillon and Brieftauben is messenger pigeon (still not raicing pigeon though); there was indeed a Heeresschule für Hunde und Brieftauben, but I find no record of 'Schule für Brieftaubenwesen'. It's mentioned also on this Russian forum: as a possible meaning, but with no reference. Two other examples of this disc are shown there too- so it's not so ultra rare afterall; and interestingly the font on all three varies. The service record noted in the 3rd post does suggest some kind of animal association is reasonable, since the man served in two other units involved with animals. Very interesting!
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    Default tag mega rare...rusian Russia offered me 300 eur...

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    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    racing pigeons.... Mmmmmm

    I think it might be a language issue.

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