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Article about: Hi all. I found this disc for sale. I very much like to hear your opinions on this one. Real or fake? Best regards Laplander

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    Default Real?

    Hi all.
    I found this disc for sale.
    I very much like to hear your opinions on this one.
    Real or fake?

    Best regards
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    Default Re: Real?

    I don't have any problem with it- it's a simple construction unit, so not likely to be chosen by a faker to replicate (they usually choose stuff that's valuable, recognizable, etc. to have the best chance of selling and making- stealing- the most money), the text is all correct (abbreviations are real, unit existed, etc.) and the lettering seems fine too- plus it's in excellent condition while clearly issued and worn for a long time (the wear from the Halsschnur isn't created quickly, even on a softer metal like aluminum).

    I shouldn't expect to pay very much for it (less than $20USD equivalent) since it's not at all rare, given that there were something like 225 of these Luftwaffen-Bau-Bataillone, nor is there any great history to it (virtually no information exists about them) unless something specific is known about the man who carried the disc himself. But overall it's a good buy for a general collection if the price is right
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    Default Re: Real?

    Thanks Matt L.
    I like the shiny aluminum, looks almost brand new.
    To bad the price is a little too high.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: Real?

    Well if it's been just kept in a drawer for 65 years, it's quite understandable that it'd be in the same condition it was in 1945- aluminum doesn't usually continue to oxidize significantly in plain air. A light polish with a very mild abrasive or polishing compound will make it look as if it were brand new- sellers do this to make discs nicer for sale, despite the fact that really the original finish really is more desirable. Unfortunately, they seem to think it increases the value too and really few sellers know a thing about Erkennungsmarken so price things without much reason.
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    Default Re: Real?

    You are right about the aluminum discs kept in a drawer for many years looks better than ground dug stuff usually.
    How do you best treat your zinc discs that are affected by "zincpest"?

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    Default Re: Real?

    Good one

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    Default Re: Real?

    My understanding is that zinkpest is 'incurable' and an innate characteristic of several zinc alloys from the period- it's activated and enhanced by humidity and possibly acidic conditions, but essentially if it's going to happen, it's going to happen; the best one can do is slow it down by isolating the metal from the environment by adding a barrier material such as petroleum jelly or ideally a microcrystalline wax like Renwax. Myself, I live in an area that has permanently high humidity (20km from the Pacific coast, and rainy days fully half the year), however nothing of mine seems to be dying fast- in fact I see virtually nothing in the way of changes to my zinc pieces from when I got them. So really it's not something I worry about too much- I simply keep my pieces clean of dust (which does help to be sure) and that's all. For anyone who does have some trouble, Renwax is probably the best solution since it's specifically for artifacts (created by British Museum conservationists).
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