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Show your SS Erkennungsmarken

Article about: Love the ice cleat as a display holder !!

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    I know there's a few more on here with similar tags so just bumping this thread to see if anyone has info/opinions on the history of this "unit" etc.

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    There are several of these in the forum:

    Sicherheitspolizei Einsatz-Kdo - War relics forum


    - - ------- - -

    I guess you have to search manually I thought I copied the link but that did not work.

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    Yeah... doesn't seem like the links work. I know there's several on here though, as I searched extensively before buying/posting on the subject. A couple of variations and the whole bunch that was dug up and posted by the digger etc. Still curious to hear opinions on who wore these Kurland/Latvia recovered Sicherheitpolizei tags --- I mean, more specifically other than from what's understandable simply reading the text. It doesn't seem very specific for the layman like other more typical tags do. Could there be some connection to the Arajs Kommando?

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    Seems like most of these have been found in Latvia --- the only exception I have found to date was the lake recovered one from Belgium (member lebus, I think). Mine was found recently near a small town called Ploce in Kurland. With this in mind I was wondering if there was a chance of somehow cross referencing find location with known movements of these units. I struggle to do this myself as my knowledge on these types of units is near zero... except for the general knowledge of their infamy. And the seemingly "general" info given on these tags doesn't make it any easier...

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    Holocaust: Operational Situation Report USSR #12

    There is one of the links from elsewhere in this forum.

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    Image of where the groups operated:

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    Although I had seen those links before I see now that I needed the "refresher"... I realize I never really looked that close at that map -- definitely interesting to see the general movements of the various Einsatzgruppen and the Sonderkommandos during the first year of the invasion. I'm guessing there's no such equivalent map showing capitulation places/positions towards the end of the war of these units?

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    Here is my early Totenkopf EKM:

    Show your SS Erkennungsmarken

    Show your SS Erkennungsmarken

    Low number also!

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    Looks good, do you have a more straight-on shot of the front please?

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