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SS "DF" Disk

Article about: Hi all, Please tell me what you think of this disk.

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    Default SS "DF" Disk

    Hi all,

    Please tell me what you think of this disk.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS "DF" Disk   SS "DF" Disk  

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    I like it, but don't buy it based on my advice!

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    I liked it already and made an offer. I think it is good. Thanks for your reply Glenn!

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    These are tough- I don't know of one with iron-clad provenance in the first place, and although I have images of two others that look as genuinely ground-dug as this one does, their fonts are both different. I don't see anything about this one that seems to be a concern- but that's about all I can say. It looks real enough, but that's just an impression rather than a supportable conclusion. The others look real enough too, and although their roll numbers are both over 6000, so being different isn't really unrealisitic, that's not much help. The text is a bit different too- it's: ,,D.F.'' not ,,D F '', but again maybe at some point someone decided to put the dots in. Did you check the SS disc thread to see if there are any DF examples there?
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    I cannot find any DF examples in our threads here, I have seen this type before I feel like it is good.

    Thanks for the replies!

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    I found a DF example in the ss disks by Dimas, exactly the same text (no periods, same quote marks) different font and much higher roll number

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    The two I mentioned are higher numbered still and don't match that one either. And its 'SS-VT' mark on the reverse is all hand-stamped. Very weird how there's so much variation. It's not very helpful LOL Well I'd have no problem taking a chance on the one you posted- as long as the price is reasonable.
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