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SS dog tags - Real?

Article about: Hi everyone! WHat can you tell me about these dog tags? Are they real? 1 - Is the "D" for "Deutschland" ? 2 - Real "Das Reich" ? 3 - "Germania" ? 4 -

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    Default SS dog tags - Real?

    Hi everyone!

    WHat can you tell me about these dog tags? Are they real?

    1 - Is the "D" for "Deutschland" ?
    SS dog tags - Real?

    2 - Real "Das Reich" ?
    SS dog tags - Real?

    3 - "Germania" ?
    SS dog tags - Real?

    4 - Someone can translate?
    SS dog tags - Real?
    SS dog tags - Real?

    5 - Anyone knows what it is ?
    SS dog tags - Real?

    Thank you very much for your answers!!

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    Circuit advertisement SS dog tags - Real?
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    Hi Waban,

    Well the easy answers are is Nr. 4- that's the 4. Kompanie, SS-Panzerjäger-Ersatz-Abteilung; and yes, G is for Germania and ,,D'' is for Deutchland.

    I can say the Germania is probably a fake- the real ones have quite a different font, and have the same font consistently from the beginning to Stammrollennummern in excess of 15000; plus they seem to have marked 'SS-V.T.' once they ran out of industrially-made 'SS-VERFUGUNGSTRUPPE', which were made with a single, high-quality stamp for the whole text, not individual letters. Someone seems to be trying to copy that stamp by even putting the Umlaut inside the 'U'- it makes sense for a stamp since being above the letter would necessitate a larger stamp, but it is very weird to do by hand. It's something a non-German just copying something and not understanding it would do.

    The ,,Das Recih'' is a fake for sure- the font is well-known.

    The ,,Deutschland'' disc is a fake too because it was SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3 that was Deutschland; Regiment 5 was Thule.

    I don't see anything immediately wrong with the SS-Panzerjäger disc, but I strangely don't have any images of them in my database to compare it to; the lines it has on it are interesting- I wonder if they're meant to help a machine operator line up a blank to be punched?

    Nr. 5 is anyone's guess- it's likely to just be a fantasy piece since the markings don't seem to make much sense- just a Hakenkreuz with no eagle; stars and an inverted rainbow? LOL
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    Wow! You seem to really know the subject!

    Thank you very much for your answer Matt ! I appreciate!

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    Sure thing- glad to help
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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