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SS Dogtag

Article about: No worries gents- there area lot of tricky ins and outs to this kind of evaluation; annoyingly it's often the simple-appearing ones that are the most tricky. Since we have little to go on he

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    Default SS Dogtag

    How's this tag look guys? Don't know much about them, or if they are reproduced often. Thanks.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    im no expert, but it looks terribly fake, much like the EK next to it.

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    Im no expert on tags but the EK looks funny. Look at the "1939" date. The numbers are all wrong.

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    Quote by Dean View Post
    Im no expert on tags but the EK looks funny. Look at the "1939" date. The numbers are all wrong.
    exactly what i was thinking, and the font on the tag is all wrong, it lacks the SS runes among many other things

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    I'm in agreement regarding the EKI. Tags are reproduced,
    so hang on a bit for more info on this one.........


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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    The use of all Serif capitol letters and poorly struck is often a sign of a fake, though I don't think the lack of the runes is always a sign of a fake.

    The EK looks odd. Better pictures are needed if you want an informed opinion, and this applies to most items when posting pictures. Straight on well lit close ups are what is nearly always needed.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    I concur. EKI fake, the spange stands a chance but more close up photos needed.
    I have no idea about the ERK but i'm 100% sure that the lack of runes it's not a problem. I have a Hohenstaufen ERK that i got directly from the family and has no runes on it. It's just like this-----> SS
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    A few corrections to offer here:

    Firstly, it's actually all SANS-Serif Capitals that's usually a bad sign- not Serif; next there's no problem with the letter 'S' used instead of the Sigrune- it's not at all uncommon since the Sigrunen stamp was very special and one can easily imagine wartime pressures making them not always available whereas the usual 'S' that's part of every stamp set always was; and poorly-struck also isn't at all odd- in fact it's more commonly a good sign than a bad one- fakers are trying to make something identifiable and nice- real discs were just struck by the hundreds and often got messy.

    A better picture of the disc, straight-on, would be useful- I, myself, can't say a whole lot about this one from the photo posted because the patina is pretty heavy. I would ask if anyone knows what the unit actually is though- I'm not sure right off the bat, and that's not immediately indicative of a fake; fakers choose identifiable, desirable units not obscure ones we'd have to look up in a reference book. On the other hand it is a high-echelon unit, which rarely had its own discs- its subunits did; fakers do often choose units that never would have issued their own discs. I just don't know what the 'HO.U' (HOU.?, H.O.U.?) is- at the very top of large units there were sometimes discs, so if anyone knows what the last bit might mean, that'd help.

    I wouldn't let the fact that it's combined with a fake EK colour it either as it's not uncommon to mix real and fake to give more credence to the fake; and it's clear it is a mix since the 1939 Spange zum EK 1 is for a WWI EK1, so clearly doesn't belong to that cross.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    Thanks Matt for correcting my misinformation posted earlier, as I obviously misread/misunderstood the pinned thread on this.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: SS Dogtag

    Thanks everyone for the info, especially Matt. I've asked the seller to send me some better pics, both front and back, so when they come in I'll post them. I figured the EK was a fake and had no interest in it, but the price on the tag is very reasonable so better safe than sorry.

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