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SS-Nord disk

Article about: Hello, I am offered this SS Nord disk there is a very similar disk in Dimas's thread ss erkennungsmarken. His is stamped "4./ss Geb.Jg." over "E. batl. Nord" which is a l

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    Default SS-Nord disk


    I am offered this SS Nord disk there is a very similar disk in Dimas's thread ss erkennungsmarken. His is stamped "4./ss Geb.Jg." over "E. batl. Nord" which is a little different than this one which has no company.

    Do you think this one is legitimate?

    Dimas Thread:

    SS Erkennungsmarken
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS-Nord disk   SS-Nord disk  

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    The letters do appear to have the same forms, but I'm not sure they're really identical; the ones on Dimas' example are rather more clean- but it's hard to tell since how well the stamping is done affects how letters look. All the distinctive shapes of different letters appear to be the same though- the very curled 'r', etc., etc., are so similar that if they're not actually the same, I would wonder if the same person made both stamp sets. Might be that they, or whomever marked their discs, had two sets of stamps, and being hand made they just varied a little? That might explain why the roll number is a different font- and whomever marked the numbers had different sets. I still don't know just who made units' discs- even when I had a chance to ask a vet, he couldn't say; I've always suspected it was at least sometimes local contract work done by a 'cottage industry' as it were.

    With no Kompanie of any sort, it would seem it's unissued stock since I don't know of any case where an Ersatz unit issued discs without a Kompanie on them as well as ones that did. Dimas' example has one, so clearly they didn't use a central roll. No blood group letter would fit with it being unissued as well. Dimas' example has a lower roll number, so there's nothing to suggest it might have been issued there; for all we know that one is one of the last the unit issued and they just never got to 1259.

    The age looks legitimate- nothing suggests its artifical or that it's a genuine old disc that's been marked later or anything.
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    Thanks! I was very concerned about the lack of a company, but now it makes sense. I tend to trust this seller so I did not think he would deceive me on purpose.


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    Sure thing Hopefully he's not asking much for it- unissued, it might as well be an unsharpened pencil or a blank sheet of paper from the Kompanie office LOL
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