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SS Nordland dog tag real?

Article about: ok Matt thank you for your words Please note: I DONT BELIVE THAT THIS DOG TAG IS ORIGINAL! Greetings to Canada!

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    Default SS Nordland dog tag real?

    Need some oppinions about this dog tag.What do you guys think?
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    Well the unit existed- that's SS-Instandsetzungs-Abteilung 11 which was in the 11. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment Nordland; that's about all I can say- there's nothing that immediately looks bad, but apart from being a fairly obscure and not terribly interesting or valuable repair/workshop unit, which might be less-attractive to fakers, and the rather obscure 'Nr:' ahead of the Stammrollennummer, which I wouldn't necessarily think a faker would think of adding, there's nothing that looks especially good either. This is one of those discs you either take a chance on, or you have to find a 100% authentic one to compare it to- that is unless Weitze has some good provenance (like they got it from the soldier himself).
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    hello from Germany. This Dog Tag is a bad Fake.

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    Thanks!I also thought it was a bad DT.How do you see exactly the difference(welche Buchstaben, zahlen in der DT)I believe they also sell fake cufftitles

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    take a Look to the Runes, the Letters and the hole Dog Tag--the Runes are definitly fake, looks to me as it was done twice with the number "1"..the Letters of the original Nordland was different.
    When you want to buy original Tags - not by Weitze

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    Quote by Godzilla01 View Post
    hello from Germany. This Dog Tag is a bad Fake.
    A little explanation would be helpful...
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    Thanks Godzilla!I've compared a lot of them on the web but they all look different.Do you know a reliable seller?;-)

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    They don't appear to be made from '1's at all to me. Runes aren't always made with a proper stamp anyway- I've seen them formed by simple lines, so why would using '1's be wrong exactly? It seems like a perfectly reasonable way to make a Sig rune if one doesn't have a proper stamp. And since one would have to show every single different SS Erkennungsmarke to prove it was never, ever, done by anyone, it can't be said to be wrong anyway.

    And you'd have to have a disc from SS-Instandsetzungs-Abteilung 11, with a very close Stammrollennummer to prove this one's lettering isn't right; unless it's the case that all Nordland discs used the same lettering or something. Or, if you mean the lettering is a known fake type, it'd be very helpful to see another provably fake disc with it on. Then we can all see that it's so and in the future be able to spot other fakes using the same font.

    But if it's just 'experience' you're speaking from, the most you can really say is it doesn't look right to you- not that it's definitely fake. Opinion isn't fact, right?

    Now if Weitze is a dubous seller, that simply makes pieces automatically suspect- it doesn't support something being fake just because it's for sale there.

    I'm not arguing that the disc is real- simply that it's necessary to prove statements of fact; it's a real problem on other fora that people regularly make unsupported claims, and that's something we work hard to avoid here on the WRF. So Thorsten, do please post all the proof you have of your claims- then we can all learn and be better for it
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    good Morning an servus Matt and sebasvg
    First i must apologize for my bad english, thats not my Speach, i hope you understand me ;-)
    Please, let me tell you something,I just want to help and protect collectors from Copys....I and my friends have been collecting Dog Tags many years, we have many contacts and experience, the brand does not match any known typeface. I have never see this Letters of a Nordland EKM. We have Weitze written and told him that his brands are wrong (even the Nordland here), the answer was he does not care, we do not have to buy them !!! This the original Answer from W.
    Sebasvg:its definitly a Fake.

    Greetnigs to you all over the World

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    That's what we all want to do Thorsten, and it's great to have another experienced person to help. And your English is fine- rather better than my German, certainly LOL

    So just to be clear, Weitze is a dubious seller since he does not care if people think or know his pieces are fakes, and the reason you dislike this one is simply in your experience it doesn't look right- not that you have any hard proof it isn't. That's fair enough- often I look at a disc and my experience says something is wrong, but I can't find concrete proof of it. But I would say it again- without concrete proof, it's not proper to state something is definitely real or fake- it's just an opinion. In such cases I write things like: 'I wouldn't buy it.' and 'I don't like it' becasue I do think it's likely bad, but haven't the evidence to support anything more.
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