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SS piece of metal, meaning unknown to me

Article about: Thanks Matt, it was just a try in the middle of the night… Maybe a better explanation will "fall" someday. And yes, the big number does not make sense in any way.

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    Thanks Matt,
    it was just a try in the middle of the night… Maybe a better explanation will "fall" someday.
    And yes, the big number does not make sense in any way.

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    Circuit advertisement SS piece of metal, meaning unknown to me
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    Oh sure Gazal- you never know what brilliant ideas will come in the small hours Indeed it's possible that at some point an answer may come- it's not obviously a fake, and that's a bit of a comfort. I would say that fakers don't often produce stuff that is completely impossible to decipher. It's not impossible that one just picked a bunch of abbreviations and stuck them together to try to make something not so easily identifiable as a fake, but that's not typically seen. We'll keep an open mind
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    Thanks Matt
    If anything comes out someday about this field-made "B SCH", I will be glad.
    As we are talking here about the possible meaning of the letters on the EKM, I had somewhere a picture of an EKM that I could not understand and did not know the meaning of the letters.
    As I can not find the picture anywhere (must be somewhere on external drive), I made a quick drawing of the EKM.
    Have you (or someone else) an idea what the letters could mean here ?
    (it was a "classic" aluminium with this kind of "with serif" letters, such as on my drawing).
    Thanks !!!

    SS piece of metal, meaning unknown to me

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    Are you 100% certain those are the letters and that is the order they're in? I ask because in slightly different order and if one or both of the 'E's are actually 'B's it is more understandable- as it is, it's not so much (although I haven't really looked at odd possibilities yet).
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    Yes, Matt, I am sure, 100% sure of the first line (2./E.A.A.E.4),
    maybe the number was different (the second line), maybe it was "A" and 718, or 817: three digits number anyway); but the first line: sure.
    Still can not find the picture (mess in my pictures), maybe I will tomorrow or after.

    I tried to look here and there about these letters "EAAE", and didn't find anything on the web or in my books (that is why I asked): maybe it does not make sense after all.
    PS. Both TWO lines were stamped with the same set of with-serif letters.

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    Okay well 'E' isn't any major unit type that would be numbered that I can think of- typically those are only Abteilung, Bataillon, and Regiment and a few uncommon ones, but none that starts with E; so it might be this a case like is common with Pionier discs where, for some reason, the unit type is often omitted. So we're left with the rest having to mean something that is a Regiment or whatever. The AE part isn't Ausbildungs-und Ersatz because that's the SS order- in the Heer it's Ersatz-und Ausbildungs, and without SS on the disc, it's apprently Heer.

    One possibility is:

    2. (Batterie)/ Ersatz-Abteilung Artillerie-Ersatz (Regiment) 4

    This isn't at all typical though and is weird to say the least LOL Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 4 was part of AER4, so maybe technically it fits, but I can't see why the Abteilung would be noted and not the Regiment. Nor can I see why the disc would include the Regiment at all really. I'd expect a disc to be simply the usual AEA 4.

    I had a scan through all the Heer units numbered 4 and nothing else fit even slightly...
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    Thank you Matt for the suggestion,
    Maybe, after all, the disk was a fantasy piece (that is always a possibility also).
    I asked because I was intrigued. Thanks!

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    Sure, but I doubt it's correct LOL I can't think of anything else though.

    Fellow member Stacez sometimes has some great knowledge about things that seem obscure- hopefully he'll check out this thread and let us know if he has any good ideas...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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