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SS tags

Article about: Hello I have been offered some Tags, but wants to be sure about them. Sorry by some of the bad pics, it is the only i have got.

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    Default SS tags


    I have been offered some Tags, but wants to be sure about them.

    Sorry by some of the bad pics, it is the only i have got.
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    SS tags   SS tags  

    SS tags   SS tags  

    SS tags   SS tags  

    SS tags   SS tags  

    SS tags   SS tags  

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    Well that's a lot to be offered and a good opportunity Many seem fine but a couple are suspect or odd so are perhpas best left alone though. The first Lettische looks okay; the Genesenden Kompanie Panzergrenadier is good; the Waffen-SS Kommandantur is too hard to see but might be okay; I don't know about the Oranienburg Totenkopf-Stuba. - I have an image of one that also looks pretty real but uses Sigrunen, not just 'S's, and the lettering is similar but not the same; the Polizei Artillerie I don't like (the SS is in the wrong position); the SS-Sturmgeschütz could be okay- I have one so I'll have to dig it up and compare; the SS-Panzer-Auflkärungs is neat- I don't see anything suspect but it's hard to tell; the SS-leichte-Artillerie disc is suspect- SS units don't usually have numbers as high as 160, so this unit would have to be checked- I just moved so don't have immediate access to my reference though; the 14. Galiziche SS Freiwilligen Division ones are hard to tell- they're very nice, and presumably unissued stock- I haven't seen that exact font on any fakes, but can't say if the type is right or not; I also can't say much about the Lettische disc- the picture is too small. The SS-Polizei one looks very much like one someone recently asked about so we'll have to check that out a bit more.

    The LSSAH is very tough since it's one of the most faked units there is. Some aspects might seem odd, but they're not: the unit was just an Infanterie-Regiment even in 1941, so just having a Kompanie number is correct and the low Stammrollennummer supports it being an early disc. The Sigrunen in 'LSSAH' is also accurate- I have a photo from an SS-Soldbuch first page that shows some Erkennungsmarken did have this marking. It's a little odd, however, that two early LAH discs I have, and know to be 100% real are just marked 'L.A.H.', including one that's from the 1. Kompanie (marked simply '1./ L.A.H.'), while this one from the 4. Kompanie includes the Sigrunen. And the way the Stammrollennummer is done is also a bit bothersome- my two have it below the unit text, not above and it's very common for fakers to put it way above, like this, and to split the number around the bottom hole; it's not unheard of for real discs to be done this way, it's just very uncommon. On the plus side, the blood group 'A' is different from that in 'LSSAH' (fakers often stupidly use the same stamp, which would never happen in reality), and the text isn't a known fake type nor is suspect- again the two I have are different since nearly every Kompanie in the entire armed forces had its own unique stamp set. Unfortunately, being so heavily-faked, LAH discs are very dangrous- I'd only ever buy one myself I had 100% confidence in or looked good with no significant concerns and was very inexpensive- so unless you can get this one for an amount low enough that you wouldn't be to upset to lose if it one day turns out to be fake, I'd say pass on it.
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    I think i will take the chance to buy some of them, but i had to be sure, the first pic (Lettische) is a good one and pic number 2 and number 9. The other one who are ok what number are they ??
    I'm sorry it is the only pics i have got.

    I got this speciel tag back in February
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    I would say photos 1, 2, and 9 are surely good, 3 and 7 probably are, with the rest either being uncertain or likely bad.

    That SS-Unteroffizier-Schule disc is neat- I think many people who see 'U.S.' on a German identity disc would be surprised and perhaps a bit confused
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