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SS - V.T. Dog tag

Article about: Hello dear friends, Can you tell me this is original or fantasy fake?

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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    Not so today. That is the reasoning the fakers want us to believe. There are many fantasy items in the market today that never existed. Add SS runes and
    a swastika and the piece has bufoon appeal. A classic example is the SS soap.
    SS runes are an identifier though- and that's my point: it's not anything identifiable, so it's a ridiculous thing to make up. If it had SS runes on, I'd agree that chances are it's a fantasy piece, but it doesn't...

    And who says that's a Waffenamt eagle? I've seen lots and lots of WaA stamps and sure, some did look like that, but who's to say there was never, ever another eagle mark for other things? I couldn't say that.

    But whatever. It hardly matters to me- I just don't see any valid reason to say anything conclusive about the tag; to me it's just a 'who knows' piece.
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    Quote by Dimas View Post
    Concerning the Deutschland tag, I never seen Ersatz kompanie without ()
    And at least E tags is made by 2 different mixed scripts, runes on them had some special characteristics and seems has been damaged due a lot of use
    All that is only valid if you're talking specifically about discs from the 2. Ersatz Kompanie though- and only if the roll number is very close to this one; unless it's the case that all the Ersatz Kompanien of Deutschland can be shown to have had identical stamps and marking formulae. We're constantly seeing examples of how individual Kompanies could have different ways of marking discs, and how over time markings can change, so generalization isn't valid.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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