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SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

Article about: Attachment 392810Attachment 392811 Here is one piece for comparison, found by me few years ago in prisoner camp in South Bohemia, CZ. Jan

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    Default SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Just bought this rough SS-VT tag (found in Karelia). Is anyone able to give more info on the unit this soldier belonged to? Struggling a bit with the abbreviations here...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    2 nd Companie, Artillerie Replacement Regiment of SS- VT troops

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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Thanks, Dimas! Is this one of the more "common" SS-VT tags?

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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Interesting piece, it is quite different from my SS-VT tag.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Saw yours earlier... that's a nice tag! Wasn't that a Karelia dug one as well? They are quite different indeed...

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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    There are lots of variations of the 'SS-Verfügungstruppe' mark from the single long stamp like is on that E. LAH, to simple 'SS-VT' made with individual stamps, it all depends on the supplier- that big single stamp probably wasn't done by hand, so it might have been done at the factory that produced the discs, whereas ones done with individual letter stamps could have been done by an intermediary, or even by the people who marked the discs with the unit information. It's hard to tell whether yours was individual stamps or just a different single one slados- is the text all in one nice, straight line or are some letters up a little higher or down lower than the rest?

    Dimas has the unit mostly right, but there's one small error: it's an artillery unit, so it's 'Batterie' not 'Kompanie'- it's 2. Batterie SS-Artillierie-Ersatz-Regiment, or 2nd Battery SS-Artillery Replacement Regiment. The SS was a small organization compared to the Heer so sometimes had just one replacement and training unit for its 'specialist' troops. Later in the war there might have been a couple of others created, but since this is SS-VT, it was prior to 22.4.1941 when the term 'Waffen-SS' was introduced. I don't think the Lexikon der Wehrmacht has much on SS units, so here's the listing for SS-AER:


    * 1939 in Berlin; 10.4.1941 als SS-Artillerie-Ersatz-Regiment nach München verlegt (mit I., II. leichter
    und III. schwerer Abteilung); SS-Artillerie-Ausbildungs- und Ersatz-Regiment seit 1.5.1943 und nach
    Prag verlegt; 15.11.1944 dazu aus Amersfoort/Ndl. eine V. Abteilung (früher Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung
    der Polizei-Division); diese wurde nach Komotau verlegt, eine IV. Abteilung befand sich 1945 in
    Olmütz. Das Regiment stellte als Alarmeinheit im März 1945 ein Regiment z. b. V., später das SS-
    Artillerie-Ausbildungs-Regiment 1 auf.


    I.-III. Abteilung, 1944 I.-V. Abteilung

    Interestingly, since the unit was only designated 'Regiment' as of 10.4.1941 (it seems), it was only 12 days unit the SS-VT was renamed the Waffen-SS; I doubt 899 men could have gone through in just 12 days, so it would seem that the unit had a stock of discs ready to issue and simply used them up.
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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Yes another Karelia find...

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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Lots of very good information there, Matt... thanks! Although my German is quite poor, would I be correct in saying that this unit, "2. Batterie SS-Artillierie-Ersatz-Regiment", was one of the "Light Artillery" regiments? As far as I can gather from the quoted info the 1st and 2nd were "leichte" and the 3rd a "schwere"? I see now when writing this that I might be confusing the designations etc. here... feel free to correct me, as it seems like I'm most probably mistaken

    I don't have it in hand yet so I'm not really able to tell you anything further on the lettering other than what can be seen in the photos... I'll get better ones up when it arrives

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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Oh you can just copy and paste the lot into Google Translator or the like and get it more easily than trying to muddle through

    I can translate it simply for you though:

    Formed in 1939 in Berlin as SS-Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung (SS-Artillerie-Replacement-Detachment); redesignated SS-Artillerie-Ersatz-Regiment (SS-Artillerie-Ersatz-Regiment) on 10.4.1941 and moved to München, with three Abteilungen: I., II. (light), III. (heavy) ; redesignated again as SS-Artillerie-Ausbildungs- und Ersatz-Regiment (SS-Training and Replacement Regiment) on 1.5.1943 and moved to Prague; on 15.11.1944 the unit received a V. Abteilung from the Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung of the Polizei-Divison based in Amersfoort (Netherlands), and it was stationed in Komotau; in 1945 the IV. Abteilung was stationed in Olmütz. In 3.1945 the Regiment was used as an Alarm-Unit and redesignated as a Regiment 'for special purposes'; later it was redesignated yet again to SS-Artillerie-Ausbildungs-Regiment 1.

    Component units:

    I.-III. Abteilung, 1944 on I.-V. Abteilung

    The text is a touch unclear- the way I read it, it was only the II. Abteilung that was the light one and the III. the heavy one- the I. was neither. Normally specific designations like 'leichte' or 'schwere' are used only once in a larger unit- so there wouldn't be two Abteilungen that were 'leichte' as the text could be read as stating. The 2. Batterie was part of the I. Abteilung, so was neither light nor heavy- presumably they used intermediate calibre guns. It wouldn't necessarily mean anything anyway since soldiers were often sent where there was a need- so this man could have ended up in a heavy artillery battery or even a mortar platoon.

    One thing we can say is that because of the specific designation, he was inducted into the service some time between 10.4.1941 and 1.5.1943- unfortunately, I have no idea how large a training 'class' was nor how long the training period was for artillery, so it's impossible to say if his roster number, 899, means he was near the beginning, in the middle somewhere or closer to the end. Infanterie-type Kompanien were on the order of 250 men, so if Artillerie had anything similar, he could have been in maybe the 4th 'class' and if training were no more than two months, he could have been in sometime around the beginning of 1942...
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    Default Re: SS-Verfügungstruppe tag

    Thank you for the translation and clarification... the way you've read it seems to be the most logical based on how it's written.
    The tag itself was found near Kiestinki, in/by a village called Senozero (a village that I've come to understand is not there anymore) which was again situated by Lake Sennoe. As I've come to understand there was static fighting going on in the Kiestinki area all the way from late 1941 to mid-late 1944 so pinning it down further than this would probably be difficult... any good books on the fighting in this area out there?

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