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Treskau Tag

Article about: Hello. On the way is this 2 tags, any who had some informations about them Know that Treskau was a training camp for SS.

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    On the way is this 2 tags, any who had some informations about them
    Know that Treskau was a training camp for SS.
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    1st: 2. SS Fr. St. Nw. = 2. (Kompanie) SS-Freiwilligen-Standarte "Nordwest" - 2 company SS Volunteer Regiment "Nordwest."
    Axis History Factbook: SS-Freiwilligen-Standarte Nordwest

    2nd: 1. SS-U.S. POSEN-TRESKAU = 1. (Kompanie) SS-Unterführerschule POSEN-TRESKAU - 1 company/ SS NCO School in Posen-Treskau

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    Great stuff!

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    Where on German dog tags isn the soldiers name????

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    Hi Tony, is WW1 German dog tags carried the soldiers name, whereas is WW2 they did not. They just had the man's unit roll number.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thanks ade,

    Just a question, when I joined the army, I was given a regimental number that I kept for my whole career, was it the same in the German army??

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    Hi Tony, usually, but not always, a man would wear the same tag throughout his service. So the unit details (and number) on the tag might be totally different to the unit he was actually serving in. So in the event of death, the details on the tag would tell them which unit's records they had to go to to look him up on the unit roll. Not a centralised system like the US or British and Commonwealth Forces.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thanks ade,

    Interesting system.......

    Thinking about I suppose it prevented a soldier having a huge number, mine is a seven digit number, and in an army the size of the german army at the time it would have been efficient. But then again having a unit instead of just his personal details would have made Id a bit of a hassle

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    Well that is assuming a man had to be identified from his disc- and that would mean the Soldbuch wasn't available and that has his name, family info, and so on; his field unit probably had the necessary identification and contact information in their roster as well since I'm pretty sure officers did write to families directly not to replacement units that redirected them- that WOULD be a hassle. So it would only be in specific types of cases where it would be necessary to go all the way back to a replacement unit to identify someone...

    Some have suggested the WWII system was a security measure- if the disc just listed a man's replacement unit, then a capturer wouldn't know what field units were in the area- but since that information is in a Soldbuch, and men didn't carry Soldbuch destruction kits or anything LOL, it hardly seems reasonable for that to be the case. I suspect it was just a matter of efficiency- those WWI discs with a name, home address and every unit a man went to must have taken FOREVER to make. The WWII style is, interesting, the way early WWI discs were done- so they moved from just simple field or replacement unit marking to every bit of information under the sun, back to the simple. It seems reasonable since at the time the system was designed, having a master list back in Germany probably seemed a safe ultimate source of information if all the more locally available ones failed- of course they didn't know the terror bombing campaign was coming...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Thanks Matt,

    Forgot all about the fact they carried a does make perfect sense now. Just one of my times my brain forgets things and i open my mouth without checking the facts!

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