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Waffen-Artillery Regiment der SS 14

Article about: This tag looks pretty newish for my taste anyone else have an opinion?

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    Default Waffen-Artillery Regiment der SS 14

    This tag looks pretty newish for my taste anyone else have an opinion?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Waffen-Artillery Regiment der SS 14  

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    Well the main text appears to be one single stamp, while the variables, the Batterie number and Stammrollennummer are individuals, which is correct; it's well-made as would be expected and the number is low, which is also reasonable. The issue is the title- there was an SS-Artillerie-Regiment 14, but the reference I have doesn't call it 'Freiwilligen'; that being said the 15. and others were, and the Grenadier-Regimenter of the 14. did acquire the previx 'Freiwilligen', so I'd take the lack of it for the Artillerie as simply an oversight. The 'Freiwilligen' designation was a short-lived one anyway- apparently coming into use in 10.43 and changing again in 8.44, so only 10 months- that explains why the 6. Batterie didn't go through all their spare discs before the next change- this disc appears unissued.

    So I don't see anything really wrong with it- but, of course, without better proof I couldn't say for sure I think it's real. It's one that'd be worth a chance maybe if it's not expensive and/or Ukranian (I think?) volunteer units are one's interest.
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    Based on Matt's synopsis I would surely take a chance !

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    I like the look of this one!.....
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    It's a original, they has been found somewhere in the ground in the huge quantity, and they are unissued

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