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what do you guys think? EKM Totenkopf + Gen. Seyffardt.

Article about: what do you guys think abut these EKM's? i think the first one might be good; the second one i have no idea, never saw one like that before? somebody please help me out here greetings!

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    Yes, i think he was asking 125 euro, which i think is fair? He didn't found it himself no, he has a huge collection of german militaria ( ww1 and ww2) and has been collecting for over 40 years, about most pieces he has no idea where he bought them. I also have an original LAH tag from him. Most tags i buy from diggers directly, because i think it's the safest( and even than)

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    Circuit advertisement what do you guys think? EKM Totenkopf + Gen. Seyffardt.
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    Well thats no bargain but probably fair given that the Gen Seyyfardt tags are't exactly common. Maybe bargain down to 110eu if you can but if he won't budge then 125eu is probably OK. The history of the unit itself is quite something. Did you know that Hendrik Seyyfardt was assassinated by Dutch communists in 1943?

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    sir, thank you for the info; i didn't know that; normally before i buy something i always search for extra info and history; but sometimes you need to be real quick indeed pricewise i will try; but sometimes when I see something; i just can not pass on it i'm sure you know what i mean .. i just find it frustrating that there are so many fakes out there; this man always lets me take picture to investigate before i deceid, because he's no expert in EKM's; he has maybe 100 SS EKM's; but has no idea which are real or fake

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    Quote by HxCMDP View Post
    he has maybe 100 SS EKM's; but has no idea which are real or fake
    Maybe he will be kind enough to let you post some of the more interesting ones for review? I always enjoy discussing erkennungsmarken, especially when Matt and/or Stacez contribute their experience.

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    i will do that! he really has a lot of them and has no problem with me taking pictures; so i will next time take some more pictures! i always want to learn about them, because i think it's one of the most interesting things in german militaria. there will probably be a lot of fakes in it too; but i'm sure there are also good ones in there; you'll see my post apear, next week i'm meeting up with him again greetings,

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    I look forward to your posts, just remember to post one EKM per thread so we can discuss each on their merits.

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    thank you sir, yes i will; good tip

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