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First Estonian M27 "Neumann" helmet

Article about: This is also not a simple helmet issued by Estonian army. Strange blue-gray "metallic"color in all examples which has ever seen.

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    I just picked up one of these M27 Neumann's. It came out of an old collection in Connecticut that's being liquidated by owner as he goes off into his golden years of retirement. Telling you that there is very little information on these helmets is an understatement. Other than this thread, I've found very little. I've been in contact with the Estonian War Museums curator and he reports that he's never seen one before. He was not able to give me any information.
    The only picture that I've seen is the one that's mentioned, page 215, Les Casques de Combat, Tome 2. Yves Plasseraund, the gentleman who wrote the Estonian chapter, told fellow Casques contributor and master collector, Dave Powers, that the helmet was Gendarmerie - Constabulary - Military Police. I have sent Yves an email asking how and where he found this piece of information but have yet to hear back from him. I see no evidence in the photo of MP. The breast badge actually looks like it me be that of a tank crew but that too is very hard to tell.
    This thread started over eight years ago. Have you or anyone else been able to come up with any new info or any other pictures?

    One thing that I was able to find out is that there was a hat and leather company called Neumann & Co that operated in Newark, New Jersey, USA, around this time period. They were founded sometime in the 1800's and contributed products to the American war effort during The Great War. Providing liners and chinstraps to the newly independent nation of Estonia may not be too far of a stretch......

    Let me know if you've found out anything new.
    Warn regards,

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    I would like to post some pictures to this thread but cannot figure out how to do it.

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    sorry, but I've learned nothing new in the mean while :-(

    I was told it was an Officers helmet, never heard the Gendarmerie, MP story before!! not impossible off course!!!


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    It was good to see you and your wife at the SOS last weekend. You didn't know it was me but I did say hello to you both over at Krzysztof's table, the dealer and author from Poland.
    I've got some leads that I'm following up on with this helmet. I'll let you know what I come up with.

    By the way, would you be interested in coming back to Helmnet? Markski has retired and we are re-structuring. We'd love to have you back.

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    Today I am 100% sure that this helmet was used in civil defence. Sold by Neumann & Co.
    Here is their 1939 catalog "Kõik õhu- ja gaasikaitsevahendid" (All air and gas defence products): (Estonian National Library digital archive).
    Unfortunately this catalog does not include the helmet.

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