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Rare Estonian helmet M40

Article about: There shown a example of Estonian M 40 helmet (experimental Polish, which was sold to Estonia) Shown example was issued for cleaning a farm's toilette

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    Can you show full size image?

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    Here it is. A camp site of 1. Infantry Regiment of 1. Division. On the left there is one other guy with the same helmet.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rare Estonian helmet M40  

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    Awesome! A great picture with it's all in one, equipment and uniforms. Thank you for sharing LoCo!

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    Notice in the picture there is only one man even close to smiling

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    Hi all,

    I am somewhat at a loss about this rare Estonian M40 helmet.

    It is designated as a Polish experimental helmet. The chinstrap seems Polish, the liner appears to be French of the M26 type, while the shell is very similar to the Swedish M40.

    Can someone clarify this?


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    As add on to my previous post here is Polish helmets pre war sequence: (1) two variants of Polish M28,(2) experimental based on Svedish M26 with Polish liner,(3) Polish M31 two variants- Ludwikow factory Salamander, Silesia factory ( shell is non magnetic steel with smaller visor and smaller rivets, liner got different liner attachement), (4) Polish M35 OPL used by FF and air raid defence, (5) experimental M39 later called Estonian M40 with French liner. Thanks

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    Great latrine cleaning ladle for sure ;-) Interesting to see the Adrian suspension system in there. Those Estonian troops do look like a bunch of pretty tough guys...

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