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F-S Knife with Wooden Hilt - Any ideas?

Article about: Can anyone shed some light on this? The guard is marked with a broad arrow and '42' Overall the knife measures 11-1/2" and the blade measures 6-7/8" The "Square" section

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    They are like Busses- you wait for ages and two turn up!

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    I asked Roy who runs this site Home

    Re the knife - the arrow 42 MoS mark on the cross-guard is the key detail here. This proves that the crossguard started life on a mid-war Third Pattern 'with' a hand-ground blade. As this knife has a later machine-ground blade, the two didn't start out together. Add to this the wooden grip then it is clear this knife has been made up from parts, as blade, guard and grip were never originally manufactured this way.

    I hope that helps Jerry? And please feel free to share my thoughts with anyone interested.




    Whatever its just an opinion.

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