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Fairbairn and Sykes 1st Pattern Fighting Knife

Article about: Hi Ade, I am trying to find out if the F & S Fighting knife l have is genuine, like your one of your previous posts l have no knowledge and would like your help please. Thank you Ken

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    As ever I was conservative with my price estimate. (I never like giving values to be honest) There is one for sale on Regimentals site now for £1,750........
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    Quote by maximus71 View Post
    May I ask why these are so expensive? is it because of a limited quantity or some other reason? forgive me I do not know much about these at all besides I would like to own one someday.
    Its a fair question maximus.............the F-S in its first and second pattern versions is a well made knife which is designed to do just one thing......silent such it is very well designed and made especially those with hand ground blades.......the later third pattern knives with machine ground blades and indeed some later second patterns were not as lovingly constructed but still did their job well.........the cachet of owning something that was issued to the worlds first true special forces....the Commando partly what gives these knives a mystique and value which is hard to is probably true that many in private hands now are unlikely to have seen action but like a lot of the stuff we all collect...who knows ?..........if you are after one of these take a look at Roy Shadbolts website, he has many examples for sale there in the USA, some at very good prices. It is true that here in the UK these knives are often offered for sale at astonishingly high prices....I don't know how many actually sell for these figures....there are one or two well know dealers here who have fantasy figures for these knives.....the first pattern especially is offered for sale at crazy prices........good luck in your search for one but be warned, once you've handled the real thing they can become addictive.


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    Indeed I often wonder about prices. Checkout this thread from last year, it made over £1300:

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Under the floorboards find.....!!!!!......twenty years as an electrician it was my dream to find something like a luger under a floorboard.........all I ever found was old Players cigarette packets...............

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    Hi Ken a very nice first pattern I found this site made for some interesting reading
    The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knives - Introduction

    Regards Mark K

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    Thanks Ade,

    Checked out Regimentals and it is quite mental, because the one on their site is damaged missing the press stud, the finish on the blade is poor, also the etching is not crisp, yet the asking price of £1750 .
    My F S is in mint condition almost looks unused, so where would the best place be to sell my knife this is not greed, l only have one shot at this and l need to do the best for my wife and l as we have very little money on a fixed income.

    Many thanks


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    I'd say join British Blades, its a knife collectors forum, it costs a tenner to sell stuff on there, or maybe, doesn't allow knife sales.

    British Blades :: Custom Knife Making

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    Ken........if you are looking for a quick sale I think you might be dissapointed, these things are'nt fast movers as desirable as they are, everyone wants a bargain and the dealers prices are going to be at the very top of the price range.......your options are the same as the rest of us....advertise on websites like Gunstar, Milweb or even in the classifieds could do worse than phoning round the dealers that you have seen selling them and see what they might offer you....just dont expect them to pay much...the asking price has to be your decision...use the guide prices you've been given here and the prices the dealers are asking and maybe go for the middle ground.....expect any potential buyer to haggle down though...........keep scanning the web and compare asking of luck.

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    Default Thank You Warrelics Forum

    Thank you everyone who has helped me on this journey of discovery about the F & S 1st Pattern Fighting Knife without your help l would of been lost.
    I have taken your advice and researched this iconic piece of British Commando history, it being in such a excellent condition which l did not realise at the time, as this is the only one l have seen and will be sad to let it go, but as l said before it is not possible to keep it.
    i have put it on for auction to get the best price l can for my wife and l, l have a friend who has served 21 years in the a Commando Regiment and if things were different l would of liked him to have it as he deserved it more than l.

    Thanks again


    P.S. My old Mum said l stranger is just a friend you do not know. Stay lucky Ken.

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    Hello Ade something that l had not considered is if it goes out of the country. l have people from Belgium, Norway, and Canada asking what do l need to export the knife out of country, can l export the knife? Do l need any licences. l have never exported anything before so do not no the ropes.

    Many thanks


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