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Fairbairn-Sykes real or good copy?

Article about: Annoyed from this ads?   Name: IMG_25639397435130.jpeg  Views: 0  Size: 47.9 KB  ID: 750189 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> Hi, can anyone help me identify this a

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    Default Fairbairn-Sykes real or good copy?

    Fairbairn-Sykes real or good copy?Fairbairn-Sykes real or good copy?
    Hi, can anyone help me identify this as been a genuine f-s knife or a copy

    Thanks in advance

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    Looks OK to me.
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    Same here
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    Echoing the previous two comments, your knife looks good. No visible indications in the two photos that it's not a genuine mid-war production Third Pattern.

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