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FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???

Article about: Hi guys, I've been offered this 2nd pattern F-S, acceptance marked /|\\ B2 Any thoughts on it, he's wanting £175 for it, best pics I have....

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    Pics of today's haul...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???   FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???  

    FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???   FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???  

    FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???   FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???  

    FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???   FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???  

    FS 2nd pattern, B2 ???  

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    Better pictures really help.
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    I know it's a bit tired, has seen a lot of use, but I like it... the others are in my trader box for buckles.

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    The handle and the cross guard look good.........I have reservations about the blade.....and the pommel nut looks to have been disturbed (unscrewed) and refitted which for me points to the blade being not does have the flat 'V' which was ground to facilitate entry through the crossguard but that blade does not look hand ground.....I beleive that later second pattern blades were machine ground but this one looks really rough..........What is the overall length of this knife ? you could indeed have a genuine second pattern that has had some serious abuse.........the problem with the F-S is that only very close handling and inspection can get you close to its true identity....I hope you have a good one anyway......

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    The blade is 163mm or 6.42" from ground point to the crossguard. I've removed the modern elastic as it was glued on, does the scabbard look like late war or post war? Some sites say one thing, some another. The blade is at a slight angle to the crossguard and the tang has about one thread exposed which would normally be peened over. It's had a hard life, the Para that had it has had it since the 60's and he's used it. It's never been in a collection before. The blade shows a lot of use and sharpening. I'm wondering if the blade was straightened, turned or replaced at unit level?

    I'm actually fine with it as I ground the price right down and also got the other 4 modern knives. I don't collect fighting knives, only really took these as I'm building a relationship with an old friend who occasionally turns up really nice things. The modern knives are in my trader/sweetener box for future deals/trades.

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    That blade is short by about by about 7mm or so, I'm guessing that the tip has been broken and its been reground, happened a lot in service, I have seen a few otherwise very good 2nd patterns with that odd slightly offset blade that you describe, I would'nt be too bothered about it but the exposed thread on the pommel nut is wrong, you are correct in that the blades were tightened down, the excess of the tang ground off or peened over, the tang should be a smooth flush fit with the top of the pommel nut, your knife has been disassembled to correct that damaged blade at some time.

    I think your scabbard is a later version, it has the reinforsing piece of leather at the top onto which a piece of elastic appears to have been a bit crudely stuck on, I think the rivet securing the brass chape is should be on the other side not on the same side as the stitched seam, the scabbard appears to have had some surgery like the knife......I like the knife though and you got a bargain at that price.


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    Cheers Phil, what you say fits in with what I have learned of the knife. It's never been in a collection or through a dealer, but in service and had a bit of abuse. The old Para that had it got it in the 60's when he joined up and had it ever since. I'm hoping to hear more about his service, where he's been, what he did etc. The black elastic is post war and I've since removed that.

    I ended up getting the five knives for £180 so I was happy with that. I'll move on the 4 modern knives, know there isn't much value in them but in my trader box for deal sweetening.

    I was going to move on the 2nd pattern, but I reckon I'll hold onto it for a while, I like it and it's an old soldier and has probably seen a few things in it's time.

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    What would be a fair value on this? I'm thinking about moving it on, either cash or swap for German buckles...

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