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Wilkinson Second Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Knife.

Article about: mine could be made by the same guy the same day. although a different endcap the same mutilation has been done for the scabbard. i guess these "tools" for border refinements were n

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    Default Wilkinson Second Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Knife.

    mine could be made by the same guy the same day. although a different endcap the same mutilation has been done for the scabbard.

    i guess these "tools" for border refinements were not seen as an iconic collectable. mine has a mirror finish(18k grit) above the etching, and i ground the tip to a very fine point with 40 degrees total angle at the crossguard transitioning to about 65 degrees on the 3/4" from the tip. the rest is cleaned in an ultrasonic degreaser and de-oxidised using electrolitic reaction. now it's ready to get its patina back. since its 70 years old i think i can wait for that, otherwise someone else gets to enjoy it.

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    Unfortunately, this one has lost most of it's value.
    The blade has been ground and reshaped, and there is no patina or original finish left on the handle.
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    Nice FS dagger , it's taken over 70yrs to get that patina , not sure it's going to come back quickly .
    Most collectors like to keep their items untouched/uncleaned .

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    Axium, I'm sorry to say that I am in agreement with both prior posts, save the comment using the adjective "nice". To any serious collector of these legendary knives, the pain on seeing the damage done to this knife will actually be palpable. I certainly cringed. It's tragic that someone deliberately destroyed a once beautiful 2nd Pattern etched Wilkinson that had looked like this:

    (click to enlarge)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    i actually think it was a blued 2nd patter, the crossguard is black, and the blade base is also black, more tha patina.

    if you guys would have seen the deep scratches someone made with a sandstone or some other large diameter grinding stone, i think you would be proud of my restoration. i've been sharpening planes, chisels, knifes, drill bits, swords and most sharp things for years, and now the blade looks fair. only grind marks remaining are on the sides of the etching, which i taped during my work. now you can see your face reflecting in the planes. the point is pointy again and the edges are razor sharp, you can shave arm hair with it without touching your skin(heard of the hht for straight razors?

    when i bought the blade i knew of the damage, and i got it for a really good price. offcourse i rather have a mint 2nd pattern, but i like to collect the wilkinson ones. i only come across the b2 version, and never really mint. i guess i have about 50 years, so it will be mine one day. for the time being i'll have to do with this one, its interesting because of the balance, and the first one i could afford before someone else sneaked in.

    patina's not a problem, i could have it age decades in a few hours if i wanted. this was just my opportunity to get a 2nd pattern, and the form and feel is just like any other. if i find a better one i will try to get it, but theres about 5-10 ww2 fighting knives offered here in the netherlands. first patterns and wood handled ones usually are between 800 and 2800 euro's depending on providence, sheath and state of the knife.

    its slim pickings, but im happy with it. for now.

    i'm collecting cold steel with historical relevance, and don't have thousands to spend, whats the value of yours tony, it looks brand new.

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    Hi Axium, first off, sorry if it seems that we're beating you up. That's definitely not the case. I appreciate your enthusiasm. But this being a forum for serious collectors and enthusiasts you will get honest opinions from some of the hobby's foremost experts. They'll tell you the unvarnished truth, good or bad.

    The knife you purchased is yours to do whatever you want with, and if the results please you then that's super. But in the eyes of the collecting community it remains an irreparably damaged knife of little value. But don't let that discourage you. On the bright side, it will be easy for you to upgrade to your next FS knife. Save up your money, keep your eyes peeled, and you'll find a gem. Be sure to post here before buying to ensure you are considering a genuine example.

    The photo I posted is not of my 2nd Pattern. That beauty sold for about $750 if memory serves. I collect Polish Exiles Armed Forces militaria and have only a small representative collection of FS knife variations that would have been used by the Poles, among them the paratroops and commandos, fighting alongside the Allies during WW2. In the group are two 2nd patterns:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	F-S collection e.jpg 
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    A better view of the etched blade 2nd pattern:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	F-S Commando Knife - WS 2nd Pattern.jpg 
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    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    I never take posts on forums/(Forii seems 'better')the bad way, i understand its damaged and know there´s no way in hell i can fix a damaged etching. if i did, i would be a fraud.

    The reason for joining this forum was to get info, but also input my own post so i can get feedback from you guys.
    I've decided to branch out into maybe German edged weapons, although i have some priceless(could be considered fascist, which i am not) German ww2 equipment on my attic i don´t see myself a collector, and i know little about it.

    please note the following: I do know knives, i do know historic value, and i do know damage done can't be restored on any knife, because you need to move material. I'm sharpening knives and tools professionally, and even a Michelin star chef's bring me their good knives because i won't damage them more then necessary.

    the knife on the pic's is mine, its a nice 2nd pattern from HEMA perspective, i did not pay the jackpot(think of postwar with the 2 keys money), and in both look and function its probably better then new, of what the best of blade smiths could get out of it. i even know the exact steel. with contaminants of 0.001 percent and the exact hardness(measured on grind marks at the middle of the tip and the edge of the damaged etching).

    i don't post the pics for any other reason that another 2nd pattern F-S knife shows some resemblance in the details, as to add evidence the one this topic is about is genuine.

    darn, now i am defending myself, defending my stuff, defending my skill... where none offense is taken. blame the internet

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