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another fake ???

Article about: Well at least that means a small part of these helmets are made in GERMANY,even if that part was made to late to help the reich!! P.S. I like your avatar,that lid looks as though it took a g

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    Default another fake ???

    another fake ???another fake ???another fake ???another fake ???another fake ???another fake ???another fake ???another fake ???
    i keep trying to find a right one

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    Circuit advertisement another fake ???
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    Default Re: another fake ???

    Walk on and keep looking...

    Points to note: shape of the shell, liner stitching, chin straps, press sdtuds etc, paint....

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: another fake ???

    The price and the amount of fakes will keep me from ever owning one of these........sigh.

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    Default Re: another fake ???

    Yes certainly a bad one. Good luck on your search, a couple nice ones for sale on Shirlins site.

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    Default Re: another fake ???

    Hey Doug, not to hijack this thread but since I'm new here.........have you posted that helmet I see in your avatar somewhere?

    I agree, the one posted here is all bad.


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    Default Re: another fake ???

    Hi Terry, nice to see you here. I am afraid I've not posted it but I am sure Eric Queen has posted it on GHW, it used to be his and I bought it from him last year. I'm in Belgium now visiting my son, and were off to the military museum today if he can drag his arse out if bed lol.

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    Default Re: another fake ???

    thses fj helmets must be the most faked helmet. ive even came across alot down this end of the world. but i know of one real one here. it was brought back by a vet that served in italy. his son got his hands on it in the 70s and cromed it. to wear on his motor bike.

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    Default Re: another fake ???

    Aaaarghhh! I think bird brain bikers must be responsible for more wrecked helmets than the ROYAL ARTILLARY!

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    Default Re: another fake ???

    she said she will dig it out when she goes to the farm for me but next time. but that was months ago. but you just dont no it may find it self being posted here in the near distant future. but im not hopeful.

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    Default Re: another fake ???

    ive heard the chinstraps for these fakes are from west german m1a1 LL helmets if thats true im not sure but they look very similar

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