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Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

Article about: by Isle of Wighter Well.. about 2 months after I bought my first helmet I was in a near miss with a white Ford transit van which resulted in a smashed driver side window for me, then I bough

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    In the uk there is a programme called the antiques ghost show.many a time a person has brought in an item of militaria ,and the medium??? has given info on the original ownner ect ect.Imagine getting him to hold, and access a battledamged german helmet.It would be facinating ,of course the bottom line is are these mediums genuine or ripping people off/A FEW MONTHS AGO I STAYED IN A REPUTED HAUNTED INN, IN IRELAND DATING BACK MANY HUNDREDS OF YEARS .IT APPARENTLY WAS AN OLD JAIL AMONG OTHER THINGS, AND HAS A LINK WITH THE 11 TH CENTURY CARRICKFERGUS CASTLE WHICH IS YARDS AWAY FROM IT.IT WAS A FACINATING STAY ,AND I NEVER SEEN THE GHOST,BUT I DID SEE A RED LIGHT IN MY ROOM LATE AT NIGHTSO IT WAS THE TV REMOTE RED LIGHT, BUT I HAD YOU SPOOKED DIDNT ILV

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    Quote by Cody Countryman View Post
    Back when my dad in the Army he got Stationed in Kosovo back in the 90's sometime. And Aparantly their was a Haunted Bradely Tank. I guess the Soldiers that were ridding in the Tank untied the Antena that was tied down to the Tank ( It was so the could get a Better Signal on the Radio for comunications or something) And since they were in a 3rd world country the telephone lines were much lower than they are usualy in other countries.
    So they started driving down the Road and the Bradely;s Antena hit a telephone line and it fried everyone in the Tank. So then the Mechanics replaced all the equiment in the tank with Brand new equipment But no matter how brand new the equpiment was The Radio, Antena, And all the comuncations stuff never worked. And I guess the Soldiers had a strange feeling when riding in the tank, And it smelt horrible
    I have to wave the BS flag.

    a.) Tanks have rubber cushion on their tracks, so works as Faraday cage.

    b.) what kind of high voltage phone line should that be? Plus, antennas also are isolated too (usually GRP stuff).

    Nice story 'tho.

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    Question Re: Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    while on holidays in crete,i went to heraklion where there was a small museum.first of all after looking for it for nearly 2 hours ,we stopped for a smoke saw a small sign against the wall which i was leaning against .MUSEUM.any ways my wife wouldnt go in she said she felt weird going in..the minute i went through that door and down the stairs a feeling of utter dispair came over me. lots to see there but in the last display there it was, a german para helmet with the skull inside it.i went straight outside and that feeling i got inside was gone,like a weight off my shoulders.i told my wife when we met back up and she said i told you there was something there.afterwards i went back and same feeling again,i asked the person who was the caretaker if it was real she said yes ,its just a german .out i went never to return.

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    I don't know about you guys, but as a rule I generally stay away from battle damaged helmets and the like. It's facinating to look at, but I really don't want those relics in my much bad ju-ju. I recall years ago visiting a militaria shop that housed a private museum in the upper floor. The owners had an amazing collection of WW1 uniforms, helmets, this day, its the best private collection I have ever seen anywhere. They had a huge number of "battlefield" pick-up helmets.....some where in minty condition, others were horribly damaged with dried blood and what looked like human hair stuck to the liners and various holes. One of the owners told me that those helmets were picked up by the soldiers and brought home as souvenirs at the end of WW1. Just touching those helmets gave me a real creeped out feeling! I can't imagine having not one, but dozens of helmets like that around!
    I've visited numerous battlefields here in the states, French and Indian War, American Revolution and Civil War and they all have a certain "feel" to them. It's like the ground absorbs all the pain, suffering and dispair and stores it. You can tell when you are in a "bad" area that has seen some awful things. It's a feeling that is hard to describe. Some people don't feel a thing, wheras others are affected quite profoundly by it. I always try to tread lightly and reverently when I am in one of those places.

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    (Back story)
    When my Grandmother was dying she told us that people were "visiting" her before she died. She had 5 children with my grandfather who was a German Combat Policeman in Croatia from 43-45. Sometimes she said small children visited her and we assumed that they may have been children who died young which was common in the past. Anyways, we would all take turns watching grandma and I would often play games on my computer outside of her bedroom and listen if she needed anything. You could hear her talking and when that happened it was assumed that someone was "visiting". I started to believe her because I sometimes saw reflections of "shadow people" coming in and out of her room on my computer screen.

    (Now the relevant part). One night I heard her talking for quite a while and then I heard her go silent. About a minute later I heard a large crash in my bedroom! I had started collecting at about age 15 with money from side jobs and I was 17 and the time. I had two stand up bookshelves in my room, one with American militaria and one with German. When I got up and went to my room the shelf with American militaria had been completely knocked over but the German one right next to it remained standing and untouched. We believe it was most likely Grandpa or some other member of our family that was in the German service.

    So, not really a ghost attached to an item, but a ghosts reaction!

    My sister always gives me grief saying that I will bring a ghost home some day with a tunic or medal. But I have the priest bless my house every year.


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    Default Re: Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    During her final days my mother was visited by people too - but that was because of the morphine they gave her, she had cancer.
    Were there any strong drugs involved with your grandmother?

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    Quote by swiss76 View Post
    During her final days my mother was visited by people too - but that was because of the morphine they gave her, she had cancer.
    Were there any strong drugs involved with your grandmother?
    No drugs involved. I wasn't on any drugs either... then again... neither was my shelf!



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    Default Re: Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    hi i just posted a blog about m42 ss helmet pls check it out and comment about authenticity,thanks zok ss

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    I agree, doesn't every helmet have some kind of spook to it? People find helmets in the ground all the time, but I am just wondering if they know how it got there. Was that hole some soldier's final resting place? Did he die wearing that helmet? Or did it fall off when he was shot, or when he was blown up? Or when people find piles of helmets, were they distribution depots or collecting points where dead soldiers' hellmets were thrown? Every helmet is unique and has its own story.

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    hi i just posted a blog about m42 ss helmet pls check it out and comment about authenticity,thanks zok ss

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