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Fake FJ helmet with battlefield damage

Article about: Hi guys When seeing something like this I understand why some people turn their back to militaria collecting all together. I found these pictures on this site: German Reproduction Militaria

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    Nick VR

    Great post, the more information the better. As you all know I am one of the new collectors to the field and there is so much to learn, and yes I have purchased a few, ok more than a few fake items. But sometimes we need to just step back and rethink what is being told and shown to us. Its so interesting when we find things that are real that the thrill is overwelming. Keeping in mind that the fakes are every where and, giving some dealers may not even know them selves we all must be carefull. I just walked away from a very nice helmet not because the price was to high but the helmet just looked too new and he only wanted $200. Yes,way to cheep and there was another gentleman who looked at the helmet and he also did not think it was real. The more information we all receive the better and the more fun in collecting. It is about history and the interest in knowing more all the time. Dealers, flee markets, yard sales and digging it is all what we make it, and friends help always. Just my two cents.
    Thank you all !

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    I am just letting you all know this website only sells reproduction or aged and restored helmets. The owner even says this in his disclaimer. he makes and ages these and sells them as representations. if you read more you will understand. Thanks, Justin

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    Reproductions (FAKES) that pretend to be something which they are not, have no place whatsoever in any serious collection. They are useless in their existence and only serve to fool the uneducated and drive the prices of original items through the roof. Even if it is an original helmet that has been repainted/aged - it is NOT a true piece of history any longer as it has been altered from its true form.

    I see no logic whatsoever in having a "poser" item in a collection as there is no connection to history in it - only a piece of garbage pretending to be something it is not.

    I would rather have an incomplete collection of original (insert item here) any day of the week and twice on Sunday than a "complete" collection with fakes as fillers.

    If you can't find or afford the real thing, crack open a book, seek period photos and enjoy pictures of the real thing. Reproductions are crap, plain and simple, I don't care how well they are done - garbage to the true historian.

    BTW...did I forget to say that I hate reproductions/fakes?
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    I noticed that the bullet hole !! Although correct on entry does not match the exit hole. If you look closely you can see that the interior hole bends inwards and the external metal has been bent outwards and noy very well by the look of it. Also the metal would be a lot more ragged and random

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    Guys this further underlines a point i made in an earlier thread.First of all this is the first time i have seen the fakers actually damage the helmets to look battle damaged.I would say there are many like my self who would have been taken in by the first one,and maybe paid 1,500£s for the pleasure.Its as i said before that i refuse to buy para helmets or anyother high end helmet ,and prefer to i think outwit the fakers, and buy a repro of the rarer helmets.I bought a sand coloured para repro added decals, and bought a repro papar cover all for 55£s.I also tyhink the repro para helmet and cover are made to a high standard.i think the guys on the site should maybe discourage new collectors from buying high end items because of the sophistiacted fakes about until they get more exsperience.My PAPA HELMET AND COVER WILL REMAIN MINT, AND WILL NOT FOOL sorry for shouting.

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    i think the para medic helmet was for sale in the armourer for 500 sterling last month a steal if it was real.

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