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Fallschirmjäger helmet.

Article about: Agree with Jim.

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    Default Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    Hello guys, can I have some opinions on this FJ-helmet that looks very nice...


    Name:  img_A_490615_25a9b3074bb667097b7ffa83334cde05.jpg
Views: 362
Size:  82.6 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	img_A_490615_4f957ae5d00c5cbb20756e6b8b3f1ebc.jpg 
Views:	93 
Size:	114.8 KB 
ID:	305345Name:  img_A_490615_c376d367ecf0a596c4129c260f8e6667.jpg
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Size:  64.5 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	img_A_490615_b0ba60e5c4f4869b3cfc3add59dc2dbb.jpg 
Views:	83 
Size:	108.5 KB 
ID:	305347Name:  img_A_490615_64a83c68d46ccb7133d978fca557b6b5.jpg
Views: 348
Size:  68.6 KBName:  img_A_490615_0b990abd9bb42fa87c593e28f7c7b55d.jpg
Views: 356
Size:  59.0 KBName:  img_A_490615_0fd453f437f5f8f4eeccc6832b57bf60.jpg
Views: 351
Size:  71.0 KBName:  img_A_490615_6778517217373e8a69cc61302f433035.jpg
Views: 342
Size:  69.2 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	img_A_490615_43c09f622be561b1baa8c1b1cafac2cf.jpg 
Views:	84 
Size:	96.6 KB 
ID:	305352Name:  img_A_490615_6eb5f34c370a43b3c477e3d9272b820e.jpg
Views: 345
Size:  73.0 KBName:  img_A_490615_4e814fcaa9f2ad37192c620e8aa87e70.jpg
Views: 336
Size:  39.0 KBName:  img_A_490615_3f1021637be56ddd6e25bb7889513a92.jpg
Views: 355
Size:  88.7 KBName:  img_A_490615_bf123f9a278bc5435e7fd75063b597f4.jpg
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Size:  77.5 KBName:  img_A_490615_bda2c554ab02037feabc31c80587e840.jpg
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Name:	img_A_490615_c695e700ecb1e6ef1fe5aa688e76cf78.jpg 
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Size:	118.6 KB 
ID:	305338Name:  img_A_490615_45d1017d7571fe8349d42047abe2f1be.jpg
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Size:  80.1 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	img_A_490615_dd5ba6542843a1003eb81fc3f5254286.jpg 
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Size:	143.5 KB 
ID:	305340Name:  img_A_490615_a0565c6eab97337f8d7f9911bae4deeb.jpg
Views: 334
Size:  78.2 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	img_A_490615_12a64a47a25cbe5d285dff8a5d2aee56.jpg 
Views:	98 
Size:	93.3 KB 
ID:	305342Name:  img_A_490615_7d6cbabbce5859b78bf9e8ef25a8d606.jpg
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Size:  47.7 KB

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    In my amateur opinion, I don't think it's genuine. The rust seems off to me.


    PS - I'm still learning, correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    At first sight, I'd say okay.

    Any close up of manufacturer and size?

    PS there's no rust only brown camouflage paint. Condition appears to be very good where did you get this one?


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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    He's on a auctionsite.


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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    The bird is a repro, and I don't like the paint. The shell may be right and the liner looks okay, but I am not sure about the harness. I would avoid this one. Jim G.
    Last edited by helmet2id; 02-11-2012 at 09:51 PM.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    The straps look brand new, though the liner looks very worn? Has it got two lot numbers stamped in the shell or had my eyesight finally gone? Do you know what maker mark it has?


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.


    Is that even a correct size?

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    Shell looks good though but should be ET68 I suppose...

    Starting at 500AUD.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    Quote by kenbent View Post
    Shell looks good though but should be ET68 I suppose...

    Starting at 500AUD.
    Looks like it has a reserve of AU$8000!!

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjäger helmet.

    No problem if you're betting on a winning horse :-o

    But is it? I seriously doubt some of that guy's helmets... Shells all look good, but paint jobs and decals are off sometimes.

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