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Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

Article about: Mark, Tactful refers to Ades, Paul's, and my comments prior to your post 9. Your post 9 is what invited Ned's comments which you are taking waaaay out if context and very personally. If I as

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    So we are going to destroy a man's item based on one helmet? I know when I was younger I read in the book there were 65 separate Helmet are you going to tell me that nonte of the manufacturers had any gaps between the that an empirical statement?

    Why would fakers all have some kind of gap if they did not already observe that the originals had a similar gap? I guess I am just stupid because I dont understand the secret language that is going on here....Yes I can see how the others are fakes...I see the American 1s, and I see the caddy wampus stampings...I just dont see where my one screams fake...sorry ...sorry...

    Its not nice that you definitively gang up on a guy when really there is no clear evidence...

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Noones ganging up on you, and thats a particularly senseless statement, there is clear evidence based on the experience of the best collectors there are and of proven authentic examples. You posted the item for opinions , you dont like what they are and becoming defensive doesnt alter the fact that there is serious doubt concerning the helmet you show, if yours was totally original, you would have a helmet valued in the region of $10-15K possibly more, the one thing you omitted to say was the cost of this helmet, which might help you to determine the helmets originality. Dont forget it was you who stated that when you were told the SS was a fake were happy that the M38 was "real", which was an assumption on your part, one of the reasons for opinions on this site is not only to see good items and learn but also attempt to save its members from spending hard earned money on items that cast serious doubt on originality, it is not a personal attack on you or any other member, nor is it a case of making frivilous statements just to be "nasty", members either accept the opinions or not, thats your choice, we try to help not hinder

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet


    I think you wiil find that over the next few hours and days that other renowned helmet collectors will have some opinions on the helmet you have posted. Maybe then you will snap out of your miasma of abnegation and accept the unfortunate facts. I appreciate that you may have paid a considerable amount of money for this item believing it to be genuine, but please don't condemn people here who are only offering their honest opinions.

    You came here for answers and will get them, then I think you'll probably go away....Take the lid to other forums like WAF or GHW and see how you get on, Just don't try and slag folks who are honest in their intentions, as you are making yourself look a fool, and a sadly deluded one at that.

    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Ok I am an idiot...just address the points I made please

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Quote by discover View Post
    Ok I am an idiot...just address the points I made please
    65 helmet manufacturers? I know of 5 that made combat helmets, ET, EF, Q, NS and SE. Only 1 made Fallschirmjager helmets, ET.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    ANd no real helmets had spaces between numbers? Never?

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Why do I get PMs from people who are afraid to face certain people on this site.?......I just think that some guys here are afraid to speak up since they dont want to make the gods angry.......
    I got an email form one guy who said you notice you dont even get a single positive comment? Thats how this site is run...if you are in you are in...if you are not you have to hold your now I hold my mouth....

    Jim you told me on the phone that if the numbers were EURO I had a good shell. No one has even commented on the numbers that in fact they are indeed European stampings...not a word that acknowledges this,,,,not at single world about that!!!..this is where I get specious

    I cant even get a single positive comment...this alone tell me that there is a bias....everything has at least a few positive points...never saw a cloud that did not have a single silver lining....anyway.. fun meter is pegged.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Mark,i really don't think there are any gods here. Just folks that try to help & advise as best as they can. Stewy

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    I dont recall calling anyone a deluded fool!

    so it is you that shows what you are made want to escalate this conversation ? I was balanced and withing the normal bounds of polite just crossed the line buddy. It is you that have made a fool of YOURSELF...

    Let the record show that I was personally attacked first on this site and the moderator should bann the person calling a new member a deluded fool. How dare you make a personal attack.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    I will say it one more time...and its instructive..... that no one has confirmed this photos prove they are not like the fake phaotos

    my numbers are unaltered European numbers....there are not caddy wompus...
    so in fact they are not at all like the photos of fakes. Now if there was fairness here this would have been addressed...
    but no there is a different bias that makes insiders want to swarm on an outsider....

    Address the good points and then show the evidence for the faults...not just nasty insults and me exactly my stamp in a confirmed fake and we can discuss this rationally. Dont show me stamps of fakes and when I show that it is not at all like mine - still make dispersions....that is what does not go down well as fair play. Address the good issues first...

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