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Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

Article about: Mark, Tactful refers to Ades, Paul's, and my comments prior to your post 9. Your post 9 is what invited Ned's comments which you are taking waaaay out if context and very personally. If I as

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    I must admit that if you are baseing your statements on a book that has already given you inaccurate information, then it appears that no matter whats been said you may not listen, i can assure you that fakers have and will do allsorts of strange things that seem to make no sense, some are extremely good, others not so but one thing remains,they all make some form of mistake, be it a minor one or a complete mess, after all thats how fakes are discovered is it not

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    No-one has said it's a fake without giving a rational explanation as to why it is a fake. If they had you would have substance to argue over. JMO. Stewy

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    SO far all I have heard is that there is a that it? Is that the best you got? That is everything? What about the euro numbers? Why is that not sufficient evidence? The small gap is the single conclusive evidence...?? No other real paratroop has a small gap....I wish I could see the other real paratroops out there...I am sure I would find some gaps I just want to find some honesty here...not just one piece of evidence that stands for all examples made during a ferocious war time period...machines were reset every day.....

    SO see there is not a balanced discussion at all. I have already turned down 10K for the item...I guess they were crazy also.

    Yes, yes, I appreciate honest and sincere replies and the deep interest manifested. Clearly I need to stick to the gun side of this hobby

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Mark, I am very sorry to say I have real concerns that the whole helmet might be fake? A massive concern is the rim and how this appears from the outside, as it should not, and this indicative of a fake.

    Could you show a good close up of the markings stamped on it please? If it is marked "ET 71" with a gap between the numbers and the letters it is bad. Should look like this "ET71". Also if the font design of the number 1 has a "foot" (like the type face used here) it is also bad.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Mark first you need to take some blood pressure pills and calm down. Second Ade has made mention to which I have quoted above and agreed upon - stated Fallschirmjager helmets are not my specific area of expertise. Third your photos are simply not good enough to warrant a proper evaluation hence opinion as you do not have large clear sharp images of the entire liner, the entire interior, the decal ("sticker"), straps and the snaps. Fourth the way you are carrying on nobody is going to even bother discussing it with you as you are clearly in an aggressive defence mode. Fifth, it is Saturday last time I checked, I would hazard a guess 90% of forum members do not sit in front of their screens waiting with bated breath your next post (or anyones for that matter). People have lives outside forums believe it or not.

    Finally, All Ade stated were some well known facts about Fallschirmjager helmets and some have asked for some better photos. You have gone way off the rails in your commentary and not provided any new photos other than the lot number for which members to evaluate. To answer your question I have not seen a space between maker and size on Fallschirmjager helmets and is not seen on correct Fallschirmjager helmets to my knowledge. From what I see you appear to have a Czech fake, however it might be wise to post better photos to prove its case or not. Up to you.

    Until you post better, clearer photos of your helmet comment will more than likely be reserved.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    You are not being totally honest with yourself here, you have been told of THREE different problems with your helmet, I quote "massive concern re the rim and how it appears from the outside" , youve been shown two seperate fake helmets both with the same font albeit that one has the "1" with the foot removed but the gap still remains, it should now become apparent to you as to why many people did not make comment on this item initially, for this very reason to try and avoid the situation that is becoming all to prevelent when someone doesnt like the opinions given, there are no "gods" or higher echelon within the forum but there are very experienced collectors with some of the finest collections in the world, no-one puts themselves above another member, but if someone who has that experience makes an opinion, would it not be wise to actually listen, learn and eventually accept that there are some issues that worry them, as for this person who has planted this particular seed in your mind , does that not sound like a person who has a gripe towards an opinion given which they themselves refuse to accept, another point which could make all the difference in one respect is to post very clear and detailed photos of the decal, it should be an ET decal unless of course someone has taken the extreme measure of adhering a real decal to a suspect helmet which in some cases does happen and has happened on this forum just recently, to end i would say that fake helmets of every type and quality abound in the collecting community and it is sometimes difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff because some fakers are getting very good, but it still proves difficult for them to replicate an original helmet perfectly

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Quote by discover View Post
    Clearly I need to stick to the gun side of this hobby
    You should try SS cloth. You'd have a field day in that arena...

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Quote by discover View Post
    ...I am just stupid because I dont understand the secret language that is going on here....
    Its not nice that you definitively gang up on a guy when really there is no clear evidence...
    There is no secret language. You have been given some tactful commentary and been asked several times for better and more photos which you have yet to provide.

    Nobody is ganging up on anyone. You own one (1) FJ helmet. Ade has looked at probably thousands. You'd be wise to pay attention to his kind advice Mark.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Empirical fact...I did not star making personal aspersions attacking the commentators...I did not use the word "delusional" or "fool". this person is allowed to make personal attacks. These terms were used by another dont ask me to calm down ...ask him.

    The fact that you have bias against me is that Until that fact (of the personal insult) is acknowledged then there can be no more useful discussion. I believe there is a admit that the photos are not clear enough to qualify as evidence...and you agree that the numbers are European numbers....but then commentators make final NEGATIVE judgments anyway See my point? Bias. This entire string has not been rational, fair, considered or consistent....there has just been personal attacks made on the part of persons who took the liberty of trying to insult me...

    Nothing here has been fair or consistent . the Only thesis that persons have made is that they have the 15K helmets and no one else does. This is the bias of price protection that i all comes down to a gap then.? Ok then why bother to mention the caddy wampus numbers or the American "ones" Be consistent.?

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    How dare you say that I have been given tactful commentary. "Delusional" and "fool"? How dare you tell lies. Can you read Englsih? Tactful? Shame on your last mail. YOu are digging this hole deeper...acknowledge that I was insulted with a personal dispersion FIRST or there will be no more tactful debate.

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    Default Re: Fallschirmjager M38 Paratroop helmet

    Well it seems that your mind is firmly made up, therefore by all means if someone has offered 10K for this helmet, i would think seriously about selling it , but be prepared to refund the money, as for any continuance in opinions on this item i for one opt for no further comment and wish you luck in your future purchases

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