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FJ camo helmet

Article about: the pic of the rear of the lid the left bolt is out of line / to high up i think even the shell is a fake ?? cheers ian

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    i still feal a for sale comming here
    i have to say i believe that to be the whole point of this post from start

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    Because it cost you nothing doesnt make it authentic. Please show a clear large photo of the maker stamp and lot number as well as crimp details around the internal edge of the rim and closeups in the interior bolts and the eagle. Liner et all still appears to be postwar.

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    Lets get some points into perspective here and you might begin to understand the doubts that have been cast on this item, 1. the liner on an original is usually stitched into place on the liner ring which in turn is stitched through the backing that gives the correct orientation for the liner bolts to be positioned onto the metal frame that contains the preset holes , that orientation is the main liner seam is displayed from side to side, not front to rear, for this particular helmet to have this liner it would need to have been unstitched and then restitched into this position, there would have been no need to do so whatsoever. 2. the helmet itself is not painted with a normal camo and there are too many things wrong with the overall appearance, ie patina, rust bleeding,and the strange remnant of the adler, now, until you can provide details of the make and size, the internal rim etc, we cannot provide further information, you waited until most of the comments had been made and then informed us of the story of how you came about this item which in all honesty casts more doubt, i think im not wrong in saying that the French farmers etc are not without some basic knowledge of how much these TR items can fetch, if this was a genuine helmet it would be worth many thousands in any currency, i stand by my assessment and say reproduction until proved without a shadow of doubt as to authenticity, and even then i would still doubt it because there are many very good fakes out there with makes and sizes being added . I hope you can provide more details because if this was proved genuine i for one would be very happy for you

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