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Fj helmet on e-bay

Article about: by HARRY THE MOLE My listing has been removed by e-bay for displaying 'offensive Nazi symbols'... What a load of crap! A tiny bit of wing and tail showing and it's an offensive symbol! That

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    In general any man or woman who makes even a penny off another inocent person by fraud is contempt able.most of theses thieves never amount to much in life which is good.collectors like us are at risk because this collecting area can be abused by the unscrupulous.

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    Las Vegas, these thieves are getting their inventory somewhere. Some have no clue what they have, they are just good at making up 87 year Arthur stories. But they dont care where it comes from; not any different than "restorers" not caring where it goes.

    However if good shells are not fiddled with (love the term Frank) by "collectors" putting reproduction crap in them we are much further ahead.

    These are not antique automobiles and the same rules as fixing up an old car do not apply to militaria.
    The "I am happy with it so leave me alone defense" also does not hold water.
    The "I cant control what a dealer does" is a complete cop out.
    Both of these statements do a disservice to the hobby.

    Dont F*** around with reproduction items in the first place and there is no reason to invent excuses or justify your actions.

    Like Frank says. To restore is to bring something back to original condition, not mess it up the other way only to find it on ebay being sold as an original later on.
    Last edited by DougB; 06-12-2010 at 07:55 PM.

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    I just found the name of your buyer dealer,he was called junk & disorderley and he has an area code of 0161 which makes it greater manchester so its not the guy whos selling it now on ebay, maybe another dealer or somebody selling it for him ,relative ?? i agree this is the danger of redoing lids, if an unscrupulous person gets his mits on it then an unknowing collector gets his pants pulled down

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    Quote by sscrooge View Post
    I just found the name of your buyer dealer,he was called junk & disorderley
    There is a hilarious name Dave. Perhaps he named it after his arrest record? He sounds perfectly trustworthy to me, and probably how he sees these helmets.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    My EREL Infantry officers cap which had the eagle looted from it at the end of the war was not deminshed in value because I put a genuine replacement eagle on it.

    --If you havent told anyone when it goes for sale it wont as it will be assumed to be untouched. Otherwise then yes, it does decrease in value.

    This isnt about what makes people happy Harry, it is about disclosure and about the responsibility collectors bear when they own these artefacts.

    Your viewpoint seems to be, and correct me if I am wrong because I do not wish to put words into your mouth, that anything goes when you own it, so long as you are happy with it. I couldn't disagree more.

    Cap missing a badge, certainly it can be replaced. Just disclose this to the next guy.
    You really need to get a life. I suggest you read again what I have said, I will repeat it for your benefit anyway... When I sell an item I ALWAYS give an honest description of the item. Only yesterday I sold a museum-quality copy of an Iron Cross (1st class) to a dealer (shock-horror!) It was properly constructed from silver and with an iron-cross sandwiched between the two silver halves. I told him it was repro, and he said... 'Are you sure?' I again assured him it was only a copy. Now I ask you, what more do you expect me to do? Just get over it and go and gaze at your perfect and 100% original collection. I really don't wish to be insulting and rude, but your attitude is really beginning to grate a bit. You are questioning my honesty, and I will not have that.

    If you wish to continue this stupid and pointless argument I suggest you send me a private message instead of clogging up this thread - as I am sure this website was not really meant to be used as a tool to spread your idealistic views on how people should carry out their hobby. This thread was started to show what can be done against corrupt dealers, and not for you to launch some personal vendetta against how others choose to conduct their hobby.

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    This thread has now ran it's course. It is starting to get personal and I will not stand for that. Polite exchange of views is what this forum prides itself upon.

    Cheers, Ade.

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