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FJ in Missouri flea market

Article about: Well, good thing that you knew it was a repro before buying.

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    Default FJ in Missouri flea market

    My wife sent this pic of a FJ that she saw today on a trip. I am new to the FJ helmets so what I am asking is if this is real. She said that the foam and headband looked kinda new and she did not look for any stamps on the inside of the helmet. She leaves tomorrow and so I need a quick yes or no. BTW, they are asking $200.00 for the helmet. Thanks, Jon
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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    I would say it's impossible to tell based on the quality of the image and the lack of a liner shot. There's always a chance it could be real... but I don't think your chances are good...

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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    Need an interior pic at the very least mate, profile, and head on shots would also be good. It might be worth the punt for $200, you could resell it as a repro for that if need be.

    I'm with Joe for now, chances are better for a fake than a good one.

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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    As the others have said its impossible to say on this photo alone, at least an interior shot would answer some questions. Given the price I would always think of it as a repro but its cheap enough to take a punt on as Andy says, and resell if you wanted as a repro for no loss.


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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    The chinstrap looks abit unusual, but it's hard to pin down exactly from the single photo. Like has been said, though, for 200 bucks(and you Might be able to haggle them Down abit on it, you know..)you might give it a try. If she goes back to see it again, have her take a herd of photos inside and out and quick post them, if you're still not sure.
    (my wife said she likes the frog in a bow tie behind it, however...)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    I'm thinking the seller(s) already know it's fake because a lot of research
    can be done on the computer these days - and pickers and dealers are
    there to make dough, not give stuff away. If it were genuine, it would
    likely be priced higher than the average going rate, which then gives
    the shop some room to bargain.

    Lol, I've also seen mis-labeled junk selling for three times more
    than it should, so it would indeed be worth the 'Punt'
    - or at least another visit for an 'in hand'.........!


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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    Without better photos its a case of taking a chance, ie i daresay its a replica, but still reasonably cheap, but until you can look inside you cannot say if even thats worth the money, it may be a very cheap looking liner or a very good one, but as replicas go its worth trying to get a better deal

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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    Nothing can be said without better photos. If it's real, you've found the deal of a lifetime!

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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    From a Missouri resident I wish you luck. I have found some good things here.

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    Default Re: FJ in Missouri flea market

    The wife went back to the market again and this time she asked the seller about the origin of the helmet. It is a repo and all work was done personally by the seller. I told the wife to give him a price of $175.00 for it and the guy took her up on it. Wish it was original but with the price that originals are going for, I can feel proud of having a decent looking repo on my shelf. Thanks for the input and I'll post a pic when the wife gets home. Thanks again, Jon

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