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Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

Article about: Guys, could you take a look at a helmet I've been offered today from a guy in northern Italy. I've had the helmet in my hand, and it's without doubt 100% spot on, as it the liner and chin-st

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    having just read thought this entire thread again i can honestly say i have just wasted 10mins of my life WTH is the aim of posting an item that you already know the answer to its a waste of everyones time the people on this site do help but by playing a game im preaty sure you are just testing peoples paitence.

    i my honest opinion this thread should be closed or just plain old deleted this forum doesn't have unlimited space and stupid pointless threads like this is what wrf does not need thats just my opinion

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    Guys,As someone who had a similar experience and was told bluntly that myself and a few others need to knock off the ranting or we would be banned from the forum.Once this starts it can and has gotten out of hand.The members spent there time trying to explain the bad points out. The real problem we all have in collecting German memoribilla from A-Z is the lice who make up the bad pieces and they are there waiting like a wolf chasing a wounded animal.The crack about the helmet mafia was totally out of line and i hope this thread has been put to bed!I have been at this hobby for 41 years and always tried to digest info as with common sense and have seen some really nasty arguements on this material.We are grown men and we get pissed off when our material is pointed out to have flaws and it sinks in that our cream of the crop is sour.Take the helmet to a show or if you have a friend who has a good piece and compare it. If the members took their time to advise you and you dont believe them go for a 2nd or 3rd opinion.I am an old timer in this hobby and this stress and strain is not a good thing for us all.IMO.Carl

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    Quote by davies435 View Post
    Guys, could you take a look at a helmet I've been offered today from a guy in northern Italy. I've had the helmet in my hand, and it's without doubt 100% spot on, as it the liner and chin-strap. The camo is a mixture of yellows and browns, not sprayed's sort of dabbed/splotched on the helmet, all I need verified in the Luftadler - take a look and give me some opinions please.
    Thanks in advance,


    186 Views and four people commented......surely there are more than 4 guys out there confident enough to form an opinion of a pretty common decal?
    Come on guys.....stand up and be counted!

    First not everyone can spend their entire life reading every thread on every forum every day. I check in once a day if time permits, sometimes once a week or even less. If there is not the letters S and S side by side (like this...SS) I tend to ignore the thread unless I have more time than money that day.

    Like Frank I was curious to see a 7 pager on a FJ helmet and so (sadly I must say) curiosity got the best of me and I got suckered into seeing what all the fuss was about.

    One quick look at the photo above and your goading people into replying and it was obvious something was up. You casually lied and goaded all forum members and instead pulled a "gotcha" thread or better known as a "bait and switch". I am curious who the "helmet mafia", back patters, experts, and everyone else are that you were railing against. I see a lot of advice freely given here. To waste everyones time to make whatever point you were trying to make is not how to win friends and influence people.

    The real reason you did not show the entire helmet and lied about the Northern Italy is the camo job you did on the helmet which is a complete joke that anyone with eyeballs can tell is not pre-45 vintage so your game wouldn't have worked. The lack of toning, patina and age speak, no scream, of a bad or freshly applied decal.

    Anyway like to road to hell, I think you've paved the thread with good intentions but whatever your intent was it clearly did not have the desired effect.

    Better luck next time, and next time just be up front and honest with your thread and your point as all a thread does like this is sew the seeds of mistrust amongst collectors. Now back to watching grass grow. At least I know what will be going on...

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    Bugger me.......I come back from a week skiing to this?!?!?
    The whole point of this was to illustrate to the guys new to this hobby that not everything that LOOKS good IS good, and not everything that looks fake IS fake! The decal is spot on just the helmet is circa .99.........things started to gain momentum when ego's got involved and denial crept in. Bond,
    Roeddech yn hollol anghywir ynglŷn â'r decal, rydych nid yn unig ddyn digon i gyfaddef ei fod eich twyllo - mynd ar ..... ni fydd yn brifo chi ddyn! Cyn belled ag y bydd eich datganiad arall yn y cwestiwn, rhaid i chi fod yn un o'r bobl mwyaf drahaus Rwyf wedi erioed "cyfarfod" OND, byddwch WNEUD yn gwneud i mi chwerthin, mae'n braf cael eich rhan hyd yn oed os bydd yn YW am hwyl.
    There are some really well informed guys here, and I do thank them for answering, but this was intended for the new-comers and it seems the guys who over-estimate themselves.
    Doug, please don't try to tell me the reason why I didn't show the entire helmet, for the (i don't know how many times I've said this now) it was about the decal and NOT the helmet. People have gone on and on about it, but I see the same denial happening as a guy who doesn't want to admit his prized helmet is actually a repaint ( I did use very basic English time and time again - DECAL!)
    Original decals are available - not often.....but they are, I was trying to show that it's yet something ELSE for people to look out for, but it seems some people can't spot a real one from a fake.
    This hobby has created a seriously paranoid bunch of collectors. The fakes are getting better and better, and the paranoia greater and greater. I think that the people who shout "fake" and condemn the practice the most, are no saints themselves. This was supposed to be a bit of fun originally, give up working's making you cranky!

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    For those that don't understand Welsh, myself included, a rough translation.

    You were completely wrong about the decal, you not only man enough to admit it fool you - go on ..... it will not hurt you man! As far as your statement is another question, you must be one of the most arrogant people I have ever "met" BUT, you DO make me laugh, it's nice to be involved even if it iS fun.
    Last edited by Jerry B; 11-30-2011 at 05:57 PM.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    It just goes on and on.
    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    wouldn't be a good idea now to close this thread its just getting a bit childish in my opinion where everyones playing the blame game etc

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please


    As a keen newbie here I am probably exactly your target market for this post, but if I could respectfully suggest that for me it would've been far more helpful to have said at the beginning here is an original decal before fitting, this is how they look, this is how they were fitted, this is the main difference between the fakes and genuine ones, rather than posting up a test. I am not experienced enough to do any more than guess and say 'looks to good to be true so fake' but that really isn't how I feel I am going to learn much.

    i would suggest closing this thread and posting up what I suggested showing how they look before fixing as I believe that would be a very useful and interesting thread that would provoke much interesting debate.

    Anyway enough from the newboy



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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    In 119 posts i think youve managed to upset most if not all of the people who volunteered an opinion on this thread and others attributed to you, you call people paranoid, i would say dedicated and that dedication leads to honest opinions and therefore people who offer such opinions find it a waste of their time to deal with a thread that was started with a personal attempt to discredit certain members, you stated that it was time for people to stand up and be counted, nows your chance, admit that you were mistaken to start a thread in this way and that there was no real worthwhile information for new comers other than the fact that you faked a helmet by adding a "real decal" to a fake helmet which to most of us is a ludicrous act, we all know what the fakers do and you have proved that you can do the same big deal , wheres the learning process in that, especially when you refused to show the whole helmet which would have been informative, i restore helmets, can do the paint jobs , camo and add decals and reattach liners big deal but i certainly wouldnt show them with the intention of inviting opinions other than look what i can do, you call Bond arrogant ,thats a case of calling the kettle black and thats my honest opinion and the last you'll get from me

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe FJ helmet - opinions please

    Okay guys we have all wasted enough time on this fellows games and now he wants to reignite it all and also insult people who don't want to play along !! So enough is enough lets move on to more interesting and informative threads and forget we wasted our time with this !!

    I'm sure we have all learnt something !!! but nothing to do with FSJ Helmets or collecting which is why we are all here!!

    Thread closed
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

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