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most accurate m38

Article about: As tittle says..I want to buy a replica to add to the collection..originals are to \\$\\$\\$\\$\\$\\$\\$..I've been looking at ATF version and seems the best buy imo..I know a lot of you are againts repli

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    Default most accurate m38

    As tittle says..I want to buy a replica to add to the collection..originals are to $$$$$$$..I've been looking at ATF version and seems the best buy imo..I know a lot of you are againts replicas but its what I can afford at the time...pls chime in people..I been saving and want the best bang for my buck..
    Thanks in advance
    Lower class collector

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    Please dont put yourself down, we all start somewhere and with funds that we can afford, having a replica doesnt demean a collection if its for display providing you are happy with it, there are many good replica MP38s out there ,some better than others, in fact there were extremely good ones at War & Peace and Oddysey this year for about £150, all metal parts , fully working

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    Re enactors usually don't use original helmets as they are so valuable-depending on your budget you might want to go for a refurbished 'original' shell-the German type helmets remained in use in many countries in Europe and around the world for many years after the war and are therefore available at a much lower cost than a Nazi one.

    I re-read your post-are you talking about a helmet, uniform or an MP38/40 Schmeisser SMG replica?

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    Oh..sorry..I was talking bout a fallschirmjäger helmet..imo there a pc of art,wich I must have..I'm facinated with german
    I'm some what picky..I know that the ebay stuff is not so great so I stoped looking there..the only other sorce is fallschirmjä but there out my league..I don't want to fool any one but I say ...if your going to do some do it right..

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    Default Re: most accurate m38

    Were could I find a refurbished para helmet...I don't know any collectors nor places were to look at..matter fact,the only people I know of is here..I'm on my own for now...all my frnds are a hip crowd, LOVE to finnaly get a kool bday to actually get one period...after spending my last 3 in the ER room a refurbished,even just a plain shell would be a new start in my life...but ill settle for a full repro..

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    Default Re: most accurate m38

    HeHe, I got it wrong as well I thought it said MP38, Well there are numerous repros on the market all for about the £50-90 mark, it all depends on what you want, one thats been painted camo and decals or a plain lufty blue grey and do it up yourself, the more authentic looking models will cost more, you could try going on line on the Soldier of Fortune site, they deal in repros of every description and have some reasonable m38s

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    Default Re: most accurate m38

    Another consideration is a post war West German Para helmet, what I think is designated as a GS9 helmet. It has a rim, unlike the M38 war time para helmet, and a slightly different liner, but it is a real helmet, and can be sold in the future to help fund the purchase of a real FJ helmet if the time comes when you want to get a real one. Just a thought. Jim G.

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