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My first and long awaited M38 FJ

Article about: Hi all, After many hours of research, looking at pictures and much deliberation I decided to buy this F.J helmet. I've wanted one as long as I can remember so I hope it's a good one. Apart f

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    Hi Joe, this one really is not a good one my friend. I for one am not the sort to "jump on a band wagon" to pull a purchase apart just from other opinions. That said, my learned colleagues and friends here are absolutely "bang on" about this one. There is no way that this is an original ET made piece. Yes the lack of a roll over is one hell of a give away but also the overall look to paintwork(over greased distress) and a very poor wire that shows no real "contact" marks to the shell. I hope you get your cash back ASAP my friend. Leon.
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    I am sorry to have to agree with those who have already posted but this is a one looker bad one, everything is bad on this one, shell, liner, straps and the wire. If it was from a friend I hope he does the decent thing and gives you a full refund.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Top to bottom fake I'm afraid. If this was real, it would be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Thanks for the help guys, your opinions are appreciated and respected. I accept that's it's not a good one and it will be returned.

    I wasn't trying to convince anybody (myself included) that it was original, I really wanted to hear exactly why it wasn't so I will have a better chance next time and it's also here for others to learn too.

    I listed my observations because there was a long list of good things I could see VS the rolled edge. I'd had it in my mind since before I bought it that the basket, liner and straps were probably added and it was perfectly feasible in my mind given the amount of liner-less M35-M42's that this could have been just a shell at some point in time that's had bits added.

    I since thought it could have been an old pick up that's been messed but that's obviously not even the case. Even if it was that I'd enjoy it as a gap filler.

    Again, not disputing opinions just explaining why I was initially still convinced there was a chance.

    It looks like my search for a good F.J continues!

    As I said it is a friend so will get my money back no problem.

    Many thanks again,


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    I hope you got a refund, as it has been pointed out this helmet is a real dog.


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