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Need Help with this DAK FJ Helmet

Article about: Will do. Thanks again Jerry! Appreciate your help!

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    Default Re: Need Help with this DAK FJ Helmet

    Yes, the person who had it restored got a real slating on the WAF and I remember when it was posted, and it did look much better as it was before the "restoration" was done, which is one of the worst I have ever seen.

    The helmet had a history which someone tried to undo and have left it in worse state than it was before they did it.

    Always best to leave items as you find them, apart from maybe some gentle cleaning or replacing a missing chinstrap on a helmet or a badge if it's a tunic or cap etc.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Need Help with this DAK FJ Helmet

    At the end of the day, its your thoughts that should be uppermost in your mind, granted it is a real m38, that unfortunately has been messed with and up to a point has been devalued because of it, i would seriously consider my options, how bad do you want a real m38 with "original paint" albeit restored, do you want to spend that amount of money, i daresay you may not be in a position to obtain another with the liner in such good condition and all original straps, there are a lot of considerations to take into account

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    Default Re: Need Help with this DAK FJ Helmet

    Thank you both very much for your opinions! My only concern is that if I had to sell it someday ( 3 kids in college in 4 years ) would I be able to at least break even at $5000. I would be honest with the seller and show them the link which may discourage them from purchasing??

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    Default Re: Need Help with this DAK FJ Helmet

    For $5000 it's "cheap" for a DAK / tan Fallschirmjager, I saw a real nice one sell at SOS during setup for $21k. The fact it's messed with is reflected in the price. As for resale who knows. Hopefully the economy is better then than now. With any messed with item a hands on inspection period should be pre-negotiated so if in hand it doesn't push the buttons your not stuck with it and can promptly return it.

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    Default Re: Need Help with this DAK FJ Helmet

    Thank you Doug. I appreciate your input on this!

    Best Regards,


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