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need help: FJ helmet

Article about: As Ty states, for the young/new collector its convincing if you have no term of reference. No amount of books can make up for having it in the hand, so to speak. Jock

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    Default need help: FJ helmet

    Hi fellows,

    I need you qualified opinion if the posted helmet is a fake one.

    thanks in advance
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    Default re: need help: FJ helmet

    Its convincing, the liner looks freyed like a fairley new one though! and the decals look a little scorched. But its difficult to say. Im on the fence over it, over to the experts...


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    Default re: need help: FJ helmet

    to me the decals look freshly scuffed up they dont really look to have any age to them compared to the rest of the helmet but that may be the lighting ??????

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    Default re: need help: FJ helmet

    Sorry, but this is a total and utter fake. Not a single part is original.

    A little tip: note the "footed" number 1 in the size stamp on the helmet shell. Never seen on originals.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default re: need help: FJ helmet

    Thanks a lot,


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    Default re: need help: FJ helmet

    they did a bad job on aging the decals

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    Default Re: need help: FJ helmet

    To help you a little more. Here is a pic of an original FJ helmet liner and chinstraps from a helmet in my collection. As you can now see, there is no comparison with an original.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: need help: FJ helmet

    yes agree fake look at the rim from the shell

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    Default Re: need help: FJ helmet

    These as everyone know are widely faked. The problem for the average collector is that there are very few originals to compare with.

    Not like the standard ground troop helmet by any branch there are a wide range of examples to hold and inspect for clarification of originality where as for the FJ helmet one must rely on good pictures and the very few originals to compare.

    I have seen total fake FJ's sold for thousands of dollars. It's always wise to check here to be certain.

    rgds, Ty

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    Default Re: need help: FJ helmet

    Quote by Reg View Post
    Its convincing,
    It's not, as Ade said, (pipped to the post again) it has no resemblance to an original helmet

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