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New member needing FJ Helmet authentication help!

Article about: Hi all! I'm new to the hobby and new to the forum. I picked up a couple of items recently including this M38 FJ Helmet. ET 68. I would really appreciate some feedback regarding the helmets a

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    Sorry, I'm going to need some clarification here: Are you angry with me, or the seller? Yes this was a craigslist find. But I don't understand why you are responding this way. I made my novice collector profile quite clear. Why such hostility? If I've wasted money then that's a disappointing and frustrating eventuality for me, nobody else, surely?
    I joined this site looking for help and support as a beginner collector. I'm afraid this response is just plain confusing.

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    Circuit advertisement New member needing FJ Helmet authentication help!
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    Your forum name is the same as your email address if I remember correctly. It all comes together in Cyber world

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    regardless, I think its you, but either way, tell yourself/him to remove that crap, so tired seeing it on Craig's list . Selling it for what 600 bucks? People like that should be shamed knowing they got fake crap, and they have to come on here to verify because it hasn't sold in years. Ripping people off...thank god they have forums like this to help people, but here..your wasting peoples time.

    Like I said, my apologies if it isn't you, which It is you...either way, that's all...

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    So, once more for the record - I just bought this from Craigslist. I have never sold anything on Craigslist personally. I understand your frustration, but there's really no need to vent at me. It's appears to have been my loss in this instance. And all I was after were pointers - albeit having wasted my money beforehand.

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    why is it still posted on craigs list?

    either way, come to this forum first , these people know there stuff, and you just blew your wad

    have a good evening

    we will see if it still is posted

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    Contact name:Trespuentes21

    post #241 WAF. This is the same PH# on the craiglist ad
    warning !! Pawel Nowak !! - Militaria Forums

    Mr Nowak at work????

    Semper Fi

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    yeah if you get his true email it has his name that he enlisted with on this forum. when you email someone on Craig's list if gives you a random email until you get there real one.

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    is this the same guy ?

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    yep, see, I told you everyone and that's why I got pissed off, just looking out for everyone, but I know your big boys, but still..

    His I.P address should be banned for everyones benefit

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    Yes P. Nowak is the name of the gent I bought from. Wish I had done better research. Gutted. He's selling from Poland, Europe now. Don't know why he hasn't taken the ad down from craigslist.

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