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New member needing FJ Helmet authentication help!

Article about: Hi all! I'm new to the hobby and new to the forum. I picked up a couple of items recently including this M38 FJ Helmet. ET 68. I would really appreciate some feedback regarding the helmets a

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    Mate I think you copped a bit of an unjustified hiding by some forum members, I had no doubts you bought it in good a search on Mr Novak on this site and you'll see what type of scam artist he is, infamous really, and I really do hope the helmet does arrive to you repro or not.....
    We all get bitten in this hobby at one stage or another.....knowledge is power and there are plenty of threads you can search thru to compare next time....if you find an item, look it up on here, compare and post with good pics to get others opinion first......
    Best of luck with your next purchase

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    Circuit advertisement New member needing FJ Helmet authentication help!
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    I had a normandy helmet once, a top notch one, and I sold it to some guy in France for a 1/3 of what it was worth and I didn't know at the time. Also I sold it because of some girl and thats a story in its self. It has bin a long time and I still think of that helmet, call me nuts but crap, I wish I still had that helmet, it comes to mind a lot still...

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    Ok, no dramas. Not sure I can halt the wire now it's gone through. But I'll certainly attach photos of it to this thread if it turns up in a week or so.
    As for the crusher - it too was relatively inexpensive, and I'll get photos online as soon as possible in the correct forum subheading.
    I understand impassioned responses are indicative of our passion for the hobby. But until I get photos listed you'll just have to take my word for it that I'm just a ripped-off-and-learning-the-hard-way-fast fella that thought he was on to a winner!
    Thanks again for the assistance guys.

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    Novak has done this disgusting scam for many years now. He is, literally, infamous for it. Sometimes he steals online photos of superb and genuine items and offers the item for a bargain price, even though he is not the owner and does not physically possess it. He banks on the victim to be surprised by the low and unheard of price and to jump at it before it sells to someone else who is quicker on the draw. Of late, he doesn't even bother worrying if the items he sends photos of are even genuine-they only have to Look semi-convincing, as in this case. He is getting sloppy and lazy. Rest assured, that out there Somewhere this helmet certainly exists-it may be that of a re-inactor or a replica made for people who cannot afford an original. But, you will Not receive it in the mail Ever, as he does not actually Own it. His country is unconcerned with his thefts and will not bother investigating him at all. It is an almost flawless scam and one that has made him Many Thousands of dollars-and all without ever touching a single item....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I say screw there Nazi gold train

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    Such kind souls here. I have a sad story to tell also. Will you fall for my tears and hardship??????. I also have a bridge to sell if anyone is interested
    I am a man of fact. We all know the "don't buy the story buy the object." I would be more than happy to see the evidence of cash being sent to Poland. If that is available from the OP. Which it should be! Maybe then I and other members who have not felt like the good guy helping this poor guy out will be more responsive to your position in this matter.
    Just my 2 centavos on this subject.
    I will add that this is the finest site on the WWW. But it also has some of the most keen and smartest Gent's I have had the privilege to get to know.
    I welcome your reply Sykes27f.

    Semper Fi

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    If you' re new to the hobby, better start with more basics items.
    Learn to recognize, read books and learn from collectors veterans who got trapped...means every serious ppl.
    Find the graal in militaria is probably find a Chimera.

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    I'm not sure it's such a good idea to post photos of my bank transfer statements az phil. Short of doing that, what proof would you like? This is all getting a bit silly. You have my word, and if any sort of para lid arrives you will have photos. In the mean time thanks again y'all for the encouragement and pointers.

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