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Real or fake FJ Helmet?

Article about: Opinions????? [url=

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    I dont know why all of the pictures come up like this. The owner is having computer issues so he can't add more pictures. Thanks for the help though. Is $3500 a good price?

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    From the description it's IMO a good price, but wait for better high res pics! If you are buying. As Ade wrote "it stands a chance", but nothing more at the moment.

    Regards, Lars

    - - Updated - -

    @ Chris. The M38 FJ was made in 64,66, 68 and 71 sizes.

    Regards, Lars

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    I see the outline of what matches my Fallschirmjager helmets single wire at the lower part of the helmet. My helmet is a total repro(sold as such). It does look kind of good to me, but I did notice that on thing. On the other hand, all the repros I have seen have significant camo paint, and most have the older style spanner bolts with the holes in them. I will add, that I am no expert... Just sharing my thoughts. Definatly want to get better pics, and a lifetime money back deal. The computer not working cant get pics up also makes me suspicious, someone with that kind of money on the line should be scrambling to get you those pics.

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    The old, " I am having computer issues excuse" , Have him send pics to your phone, or comp. using his phone. Almost every pic I have posted is taken with my phone,unless it is the sellers pic. I have bought from him before, but still shady if he will not send better pics. He sent better pics to me of my purchases.

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    If anyone selling a helmet worth $3500, can't be bothered to take proper quality pictures with a camera to start with,
    isn't worth bothering with IMO. The computer issue sounds like a smoke screen of drivel as well.
    Sorry to be blunt, but, asking for opinions with this quality of picture, is an exercise in futility.


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