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what is the value of my paratrooper helmet?new to forum

Article about: For what it's worth, I look at these things with the understanding that if I sell it and buy a TV, iPhone, or part of a car, or some other item like that, all that stuff ends up in a junk ya

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    Thanks everyone

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    Circuit advertisement what is the value of my paratrooper helmet?new to forum
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    Nice to see that the helmet is still in the family. You do whatever you want with it but I would advise you to let it stay with you as a family heirloom. Did your grandfather take home some more collectibles from the war?

    Cheers Al

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    Good looking helmet.. I would keep it if I were you.
    Just my opinion.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Yes i think it will stay in the family,showed it to a collector and found alot about it,yes he brought back other things also,a pistol,badges and such.

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    Let's see them all! Post them in their correct sections, though! This is a great helmet to have handed down to you!

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    Other family members. Have most of the other things ,was all split up to other family members,I just have. The helmet and his overseas Airbone cap. his cap is what I like the most,fits me too.

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    I agree with the others, keep it in the family. Resist the temptation to 'cash in', as you probably have PMs flooding your in-box already i'd imagine.

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    As it is a family heirloom, as long as it stays in the family it is priceless.

    If you let it go, I believe somewhere along the way, you will regret it.....or your kids or grand kids will.

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    Quote by Anon View Post
    Welcome to the forum and good to see the lid your grandfather brought back from the war. It looks to be a good example, but not the best I have seen.

    Generally members here do not like to give valuations, especially to new members, but the figure you mention yourself is probably not far below its worth. Try google searching some dealers sites for a more accurate valuation.
    Offcourse there's a big difference between dealerprices and the prices you pay with private purchase. Know that dealers just want to make money and ask much much more then when you can buy from other collectors or in private.

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    I would say,... keep the helmet. You grandfather probabley had a very hard time to get it! It's a family history piece! Don't sell it or give it away! That's just my advice.

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