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Fallschirmschützenabzeichen der Luftwaffe

Article about: The stolen youth which is marked by war, and never breaks free of its memory.

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    The stolen youth which is marked by war, and never breaks free of its memory.

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    Stories never get you a premium price, but you got a nice badge! Maybe the story is true, maybe not, but you got a NICE BADGE!!!

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    I kind of agree with you on the story front joachim,my grandad was in the first wave on SWORD BEACH on D-DAY.He tells me many tales about his service if i ask him now but that took 30+ years of pestering on my part and he has always refused to discuss if he shot anyone.The closest he has ever got to telling me about the "true" horrors of war is when he told me that he burst into tears on the beach when he saw his "first dead tommy"! He's a tough ol boy who's now 87 years old and he is still affected by what he saw a did!

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    I can only speak for me guys.I never buy a story,only the award.

    My grandfather was fighting in Russia (Kaukasus) with the 308.Grenadierregiment as a MG shooter 1.He awarded the Infanterie Sturmabzeichen,Verwundeten Abzeichen in schwarz,iron cross 2.class and the Nahkampfspange in bronce.He never told me,that he received this awards.My mother found his awards and papers in the house of my grandparents after my grandmother was dead.He was not proud to get this awards.And i got big eyes as i see them and was very happy as a collector.

    As i was a teenager i asked my grandpa one time:Grandpa have you also killed other soldiers.I think it was a very stupid question from me for a MG shooter.And he said nothing.He never told me storys about the fightings.I think he saw the hell in Russia and he hate the war.After the war he could not look war films in the TV.He swiched at once the programm when a war film began.

    I have his grouping here at me.Some other guys of my family was also soldiers in WW2 and i have also some photos and awards of them at me.I am the only guy in my family who is interested in the history of war,so the family members got me the war relics

    I stayed self 4 years in the German Fallschirmjäger troops,but i hope we all must never fighting aginst us in the future.

    Now i am self far away from the Fallschirmschützenabzeichen of Bill with telling a small story from my family.Sorry for that,but maybe someone could understand me,what i want to say.

    @Bill:It is really a special and very nice looking Fallschirmschützenabzeichen you have posted here.Hold it in honour!

    Happy collecting guys


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    Thank you for telling us a small part of your family history Joachim, to have your Father's medals is a something you can't put a price on.
    My Father was in the RAF during the war and never claimed his medals. I've talked to my Mum about applying for them now as she is his next of kin and I really hope we can get them, albeit a few years late.

    One thing I do want to point out to members from all nationalities is that although the stories of veterans taking awards from dead soldiers be they British, American, German, Japanese, Russian etc etc is interesting to an extent, we should all bear in mind that forum members are from all over the world and each have their own sensitivities about hearing gung ho stories about how many of their fellow countrymen someone may have killed and how they then took that dead person's awards.
    You are talking about the dead forefathers of our members here and I wish to convey the point that such stories be told with a little less relish and alot more sensitivity. Each of those dead soldiers had relatives, some of who might be reading your words so choose them carefully.

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    Wise words Adrian!

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