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Fallschirmschützenabzeichen der Luftwaffe Assmann Type?

Article about: Hi guys, i just got this badge i think its a type "E" Nickel Wreath Brass eagle just want to confirm its type Thanks in advance Martin

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    Hello Martin,
    Very nice acquisition.
    This is the first time I have seen this variant so thank you for showing. Is there any chance of some good straight on pictures, front and rear?
    Is the wreath a tombak or Nickel Silver example as Tom Durante's type 'E' as I have never seen mould ejection marks on one of these before and the eagle looks to be mounted way back to the right of the wreath in comparison to the ones I own(ed)...(except the zinc ones which all seem to have the eagle positioned in the same position as yours)
    Is the eagle loose as there seems to be a big gap in the rivet holes, particularly on the left hand one?

    All the best

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    Hi Doug,
    I've took some better pics as straight as i could i placed it in one of my other cases.
    its for sure nickel silver as its very smooth no little air bubbles you get in zinc, you can see where the catch,hinge,rivets is Tombac as you can see the yellow/gold color coming through, on the wreath you can see the nickel silver coming though where the Finish has worn.
    i dont think it has model ejection marks as i took the first set of pics with my Canon DLSR camera got as close as as could, these are with a iPhone.
    i could be wrong hope some of the Experts can explain.

    yeah the Eagle is a little loose on the left side not much

    Best Martin

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for those additional pictures Martin.
    It does look like a really nice early Assmann in very nice condition.
    With those extra pictures it just looks like a stamping flaw rather than an ejection mark.
    All you need now is a late war all zinc Assmann to go in that flock lined box.
    Great collection you have coming together
    All the best

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    Yeah the other pics was on angles, that box is from my GWL type "A" i just used it to get a straight shot.
    i dont like the Late war Zinc Luft Parras as they all seem to have lost their finish, i like the erly with Tombac, or Tombac eagle Zinc wreath.
    Thanks its still got a long way to go.

    You had a good eye to see the rivet was lose.

    Best Martin

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