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1941 Luger Holster

Article about: Hi chaps, I am after a 1941 luger holster, can you have a butchers at this one and give opinions please? I think this one is original but not my field Cheers

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    Ben if you really want a NICE 41 go the Legacy Collectables, then to accessories, then to holsters. It is not cheap ,but very near to right on! Made by cbx with proper P-08, beautiful stitching and no cracking, proper black dye, side buckle ! Except for minor scratch blemish-perfect! legacy at times will haggle a bit, great guys to work with, will allow lay a way and nice inspection period!


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    Circuit advertisement 1941 Luger Holster
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    Just had a look Doc, very nice but very expensive and then theres the shipping, if I could afford one I probably would but they are beyond my budget but I have saved the site in case I feel flush in the near future

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    If the holster is original but brown could it be a Luftwaffe holster or were all holsters made black?

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    Don't know much about Luftwaffe Luger holsters. I believe all Luff. Lugers were Krieghoffs therefore Krieghoff accessories. Luff. I believe used quite a variety of pistols. Gorings was a revolver. I believe you should entertain joining a Luger Forum that has a great amt. of Historical knowledge which when searched will give you insight to many questions. One such site is janstillllugerforum.

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    Already a member Doc

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    Historical posts especially from some time ago have a lot of value in my opinion.

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    Quote by docf View Post
    This holster started life as a brown dyed holster of WWI, of Between Wars post WWI or as a sneak era Holster vintage. It is of the old style belt and buckle at the side which is certainly fine as still present in 41 mixture. Being dyed as said before still fits as acceptable. All Nazi era were black whether it be redye or true black dye. The holsters stitching from a distant looks ok as long as stitching is not loose. Unfortunately someone over cleaned this one giving you a two toned reduced in value piece. You can redye it black, but you will not increase it's value and you may actually decrease it as now it is truely altered. Dyes today are totally different than yesteryear as all dyes today are eco friendly water based dyes. They adhere differently and look different. So Ben it just depends what you want to do with it, Collectors piece representative of the era-Don't think so. Representative piece of proper year, reduced in price, just want to redye and put on the shelf-OK
    How the backing was done depends what it was prior to becoming a Nazi era piece. Was the old manufactor simply sanded off and replaced with new-No as the epidermis of the leather is intact.

    Why then did I own several lugar holsters one dated 40 and a couple dated 41 with 3 letter code and ampted definetly ww2 made in brown leather? They were not WW1 reissue I have seen some from WW1 redyed and remarked for WW2 with WW1 manf on them one was a police lugar holster. Guess I ain't following. timothy

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