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1944 E tool

Article about: Hi all, I might buy this E tool from ebay but I want to know if it's German WWII and not post war or something. Also what is it worth if it is WWII? (Nevermind, It's a bad seller.)

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    Default 1944 E tool

    Hi all, I might buy this E tool from ebay but I want to know if it's German WWII and not post war or something. Also what is it worth if it is WWII?

    (Nevermind, It's a bad seller.)
    Attached Images Attached Images 1944 E tool 1944 E tool 1944 E tool 
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    Default Re: 1944 E tool

    Personally i like the way this looks, a lot of units, including the SS would use these like a hatchet, as a personal defense tool, as these would crack a skull wide open.

    Not only were they used for digging, they served as a multi-purpose tool.


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    Default Re: 1944 E tool

    Here is the deal, this is not a German shovel it is a ww1 russian shovel During ww1 thunsand of them were captured by the German Military machine and were in use by the German troops in ww2.The model you are probably looking for looks very close to this one but does not have the ring on the shovel
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    Default Re: 1944 E tool

    Ok, Thanks.

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    Default Re: 1944 E tool

    With these pics and without markings, it is impossible to say anything about its origin. It's not WWII german and not WWI russian for sure....none of tools produced by both countries had these features at the time. Could be WWI german....but as i said, it's impossible to say more. The REX marking is a fake.

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    Default Re: 1944 E tool

    Hello ! I think this E-tool is authentic German used in both WW1 & WW2.

    I have same example myself with markings :Heinr BETZ SHNE, RADEWORMWALD and this fabric made shovels for 125 years in Germany. The markings are very small and difficult to see.

    But this REX 44 I have seen on other E-tool. Production of this type was also under WW2.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1944 E tool  

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    Default Re: 1944 E tool

    The Rex markings are fake (as it's often the case when seen on the handle,being wood easy to stamp) and in many decades of collecting and seeing WW2 German Militaria I've never seen such an entrenching tool as a "Kommis" item! a period when semplification was a must such a waste of labor for an item like this would have been out of the question!
    This entrenching tool sure isn't something that would go well with your average WW2 German mannequin.It'sa most likely a WWI German entrenching tool but certainly not WW2!
    I've seen this type produced for the Lord Strathconas Horse in Korea and the markings read REX about that ?The fact that the markings do exist on originals doesn't mean anything

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