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Article about: Here is the Abspuler in use by small phone squad members.

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    Default Abspuler

    Finally after years of searching I located an original Abspuler. This was used to dispense small reels of phone cable. It was kept in a special pouch in the Fernsprechtornister. This is a beauty - marked gtk 1940 and Waffenamt stamped. It was not clearly marked on the ebay auction and I'm guessing that is the only reason I was able to secure it. It was 99 US dollars plus shipping. Hard to find. Now I need an Aufspuler! NH


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    Can anyone provide info on the manufacturer code gtk? NH

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    I'll look it up for you,

    nice Abspuler


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    With these sort of items I know vbk is verbindungskabel and vlk is Verlängerungskabel.

    Not sure about gtk

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    The Abspuler was stored in the leather pouch attached to the bottom of the Fernsprechtornister. You can see the pouch in this photo. It was secured by a metal stud. NH


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    gtk = Rudolf Knoth, Maschinenfabrik, Freital-Deuben (bei Dresden)

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Very nice piece

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    You wouldn't get much telephone cable on one of these reels - I thought the attached one would have been a bit more practical - volume wise?
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    Danmark, The reel device you posted was used by Pioneer or Radio specialists. Pioneers used it for things like detonation cord and Radio operators used it for securing radio antennas. It is a fixed handle Spuler. The field phone Abspuler reels (For use with Kleinerfernsprechtrupp) were about the same size as this one (17.5 cm) and each small squad carried several in each one of their Fernsprechtornister. The reel was attached to an Abspuler or Aufspuler device. They could be quickly removed and spliced for extra length. The small squads would have mostly used single line connections. The next size up from the 17.5 cm reel would be the Rückentrage or backpack reel with motorized, medium or heavy telephone units. NH

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