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Afrikakorps field phone

Article about: Hi everyone, finally I got one of this type of german field phone. I think it is not so common, personally I have seen only twice, and one of them is now in my collection. If anybody have so

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    Quote by cassovia81 View Post
    From 1941 until to the capitulation of DAK in May 1943 this tan (sand) colour as I wrote was typically and uniquely used in Afrika. After 1943 this tan coloured equipments were used in a whole Europe, as you wrote, in this you have right. Apropos, the phone is dated 1941 , same like the headphone, so it is not a bit late, and could be used in the fronts of Africa.
    As you put it it looks like you're "copying and pasteing" what they used to say in old modeling manuals!
    For starters there were several shades of "tan" or "yellow" used by the DAK,and that WON'T include captured stocks of British paints,Italian paints and commercially available "tan" paints used at unit level in Germany on vehicles getting readied at the last moment.
    Now...the more widely used "tan" paints on ARMY vehicles were RAL8000,RAL7008,RAL8020,RAL7027...there were others whose RAL ref is unknown and to add to the confusion the Luftwaffe units within the DAK had a few "RLM" vehicle paints that were used on vehicles.Since in 1953 the Germans changed the RAL refs only a fraction of the thousand paints have reamined the same and only sources from before that date should be used.
    Whatever,this telephone DEFINITELY isn't's metal parts are painted the typical "ordnance tan/yellow" (the Germans called it "Schlamm"),and the fact that it's dated 1941 doesn't mean anything because it can have been assembled in 1943 and the tan parts painted at a later date than could have been used in Africa but also in a German barracks.
    If it was painted outside then it would be a different matter altogether!
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    Hi folks, Field phone and related equipment is my special area of interest. I believe this a '44 dated field phone. i have one just like it in my collection. After '43 you see them show up with standard Dunkelgelb paint just like this - rather than black. And they also have later war time parts such as a simplified hand crank made with less metal. It may have been assembled from various parts as mentioned. I would not identify it as AK or even tropical. Now, some field phone and radio components were made for tropical conditions and were marked as such - usually with a T or Trop. for Tropische. A good field phone nonetheless and if it works - worth about $125 or a little more. If the owner wants to know how to test just let me know. NH

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