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Authenticity of this Fallschirmjäger gas mask bag?

Article about: Hello! I recently purchased a Fallschirmjäger gas mask "set" if you will. Consisting of the mask itself (GM-38), the bag, filter with plug and a set of the anti-fog inserts. I am m

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    Default Authenticity of this Fallschirmjäger gas mask bag?

    I recently purchased a Fallschirmjäger gas mask "set" if you will. Consisting of the mask itself (GM-38), the bag, filter with plug and a set of the anti-fog inserts.
    I am mainly a chemical warfare collector, although I'm getting more into Third Reich era 78RPM recordings (Shoutout to Ivan Z. for all the great information)
    The chemical warfare aspect of things being my specialty, I did do a-lot of research before deciding I'd like to go hard for this particular set, and it seems very authentic, however I do have some reservations and would appreciate very much a few second opinions. I would like to note that I already jumped on the mask while I could, and its already on its way, but the seller does take returns and I'm of course covered by E-bays super bias returns policy, so if it ends up being a fake I can always send the thing right back.

    I've been told that the Zipper ( Marked D.R.P) and PRYM snaps are a very good indicator of an original item, however I am a little concerned about the green boarder around the edges of the bag being a little too vibrant for their age, and also the clip that secures the strap to the eyelet, as it is a little different than some others I've seen.

    Probably just me being paranoid, but I know these are very rare bags, and that they are often faked.

    Please give me your opinions!
    If anyone is interested I also have an original WWII Gasschutzhaube I could post pictures of, and a nearly complete collection of the WW1 model masks.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Hi Alex, welcome to the forum!

    Does it have a rubber drain plug? I don't see it?

    To be honest, this is not giving me good vibes.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Hi Alex

    Also a welcome from me, and for your 1st post, it is a very difficult 1st question

    On an more serious note.... it's like Ade say, it does not give me a good feeling, but that of course doesn't help at all

    As a chemical warfare collector myself (mind you, only german ww2 gas related stuff) I still don't have a FJ bag myself, because I never trusted them, and there is no collector who will sell me an authentic one , hahaha

    I wish I could help you with the item, but maybe a more experienced collector in FJ stuff will give a final answer.....

    As for the other remark : Yes, please show your gasschutzhaube.... !! I have 3 gasschutzhaubes myself, and they are indeed very rare ... Do you also have the Klarscheiben Büchse for the Gasschutzhaube ?? I might have an extra if you're interested...

    here a picture of them


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    Ade and Tom!
    Thank you both very much for your fast replies.
    It always seems to me when I get on that you two have the best answers.
    That being said I am now starting to worry quite a bit!
    As far as the drain plug issue, I do not know yet, I have to wait for it to come to investigate her further.
    I was unaware that they all had the drain plug. Is there a possibility that the rubber thing stuffed into the filter is the drain plug? As it doesn't look too comfortable where it is. Or are there two different plugs, one for the filter and one for a drain hole?

    The late and great Johannes Muller (forgive my missing umlaut) had a verified original, and it was nearly identical to this one (although I never saw the bottom of it) before he passed a few months ago I had talked to him about them and he told me all the basics to identifying a real one.

    All in all.
    If this is a fake it definitely does show honest wear to the leather and zipper.
    Is there a possibility that this is some sort of very early reproduction made during the 1970's or so, because most of the new reproductions are very obvious, plastic zippers and the wrong colors and all that.
    This one is at least trying very hard if its a fake, were the manufacturers still making the zippers and snaps originally used on these back a long time ago?

    And specifically directed to Tom!
    I'd love to see some pictures of yours, I will get a few pictures of mine up when I get home from work tonight.
    And yes, mine is missing its inserts and case, if its the right price I'd be very interested.

    Lets see how this situation goes.
    I'm disappointed that it may be a fake, but the mystery is fun, at least for the time being.
    We'll wait till it gets here. I'll get some much better pictures of the blasted thing when it arrives.
    Thanks everyone

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    Hi Alex, I have just checked my RB number list, just out of interest only. I don't have the maker for this number, but the code would indicate a maker out of Westfalia.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Is that rubber thing stuffed into the filter the plug?

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    As promised here are a couple pictures of the Gasschutzhaube, and a few of my masks from WWI and the interwar years.
    My poor Gasschutzhaube, shes seen much better days, but shes still solid despite the tearing and dry rot. I left out shots of the carrier because I'm sure just like in the Chemical warfare collecting hobby, you guys too see plenty of the carriers, but very seldom the contents. If you'd like to see that too, let me know.

    An expansion on the FJ mask.
    That lumpy tab stuffed into the filter is indeed the "Plug" that is stitched into the bag.
    So yes, it does have the drain plug you speak of.

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    Some fine WWI pieces! As for the FJ mask, I am not seeing anything here that raises immediate alarm bells. That said, I cannot say that I have ever handled a genuine before, but this one is looking good and I rather like it. An interesting and rare piece by any means.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Appreciate your input.

    Opinion seems to be varying heavily by forum.
    The guys on all the Chemical warfare forums hail it as original
    You guys all seem to be a tad split
    and the guys at wehrmacht awards all are spitting on it, one or two demand to see closeups of the snaps and hardware, not sure why, but I'll take pictures for them when it arrives.

    The snaps and hardware are definitely all marked correctly from what I can tell from the junky pictures, and further research by myself and a few others has shown that even the connecting clip is consistent with other verified examples.

    Would someone really go through all this trouble?
    Replicating snaps and hardware down to the fine details just for the sake of making a replica?

    What most confuses me is that a few have said that if it is a fake its an early one, due to the genuine aging its undergone with the zipper rust and leather.
    But that is inconsistent with the old replicas of these, as they never contained the rubber "Bung" as its properly called. And also looked quite a bit different than this.


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