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Battle pack photos

Article about: I was taking some photos this afternoon and took a couple of some battle packs I have. Thought others might be interested in them.

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    Quote by Logictox View Post
    Tom a friend of mine has almost 12 cases of the 8mm ammo. Several are the sealed crates that are still 100% intact.

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    Lovely sets !!

    Where do you live, and would he be willing to sell one crate ??

    Would love to have a complete one to put on my site....

    Of course I have a license !!

    Tom - Welcome to my Website

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    Tom I am in Dallas Texas and it looks as though your in Europe so I'm not sure what the import laws are on Ammunition. This was all part of a collection of a machine gun collector that passed away a few years back. He purchased a large bulk of the ammunition that was all military surplus out of Finland in the late 50's.

    I collect handguns mostly so my friend told me about it because he knew I would want the case of 9mm WWII ammo since I have a lot of WWII German handguns. The bulk of my collection is actually old Smith and Wesson and Colt revolvers though.

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    Great 'battle pack' pics.

    Lovely Radom.

    Thanks, the P35 VIS (Radom) is one of the finest pistols ever made. I have a half dozen of them all in excellent mechanical condition and I pick them up every time I find one at a good price in good condition.

    Battle pack photos
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    Hmmmm I guess it will be difficult to import the ammo.....

    How much would you want for a crate anyway

    Tom - Welcome to my Website

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    Tom the crates of 8mm are selling for $1,500 but I fear the shipping would be more than the ammunition cost. A crate weighs in the 60 pound range.

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    Some other ammo photos I was playing with.

    Battle pack photos

    Battle pack photos

    Battle pack photos

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    Couple of my battle packs, keep them in a crate.

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    Great stuff fellows reminds me of the good old days. timothy

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    Nice FG42 as well !!! Is it original?


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    Quote by MP44tom View Post
    Nice FG42 as well !!! Is it original?

    Lol - the FG is not original, (Shoei movie gun) - I have a very small collection of battle packs and ammo - so I thought I'd make the pictures more interesting for the members here -

    Those crates and packs of Logictox are just spectacular -
    When I approach old collectors they just laugh and say: yes, they shot all that stuff as cheap ammo and burned the crates.

    My collection is in California, so I can just look at the Lspur battle pack (under the belted black tips) - possession of tracer being a felony in CA, something to do with forest fires (I do have some 15 rd empty boxes, three different colors in my 8X57 collection, just no actual ammo.)

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