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Beh Bionoculars

Article about: I was led to believe that the BEH 7X50 binoculars were made in two versions. The ones used on board ships had a 'cannister' mounted on both back plates. The cannister carried dessicant gel (

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    Default Beh Bionoculars

    I came into a set of Beh Binoculars at a garage sale for about five bucks. I'm just curious when about they were made, which branch of the military they were used for and how much they may be worth based on the condition and such. I'll attach some pictures below. Thanks!

    Beh BionocularsBeh BionocularsBeh BionocularsBeh Bionoculars

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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    These are Kriegsmarine 7x50 binos...sorry i cant help you with value...

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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    These are 7x50 power binoculars made by Ernst Leitz(modern day Leica now) and were issued to the German Navy(Kriegsmarine) during WWII as shown by the "M" for Marine. They are quite collectable and $5.00 was a very good price indeed. Are the optics clear in them? Any clouding, chips, etc?

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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    In this case the M = Metric and has nothing to do with the KM.

    Nice binos.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    I'd be glad to double your money on them! lol

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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    Sorry jerry you are wrong the M is indeed as said before kriegsmarine in the smaller dienstglas by leitz the m does indeed indicate a metric thread, but not on these ,if the eagle is still present over the M value anything between $300 and $500 depending on as wagrif said optical condition,the KF on the other shoulder refers to the lubricant used in them ( Kalt,or cold weather lubricant)

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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    Whatever the case this is a real BARGAIN.
    Nice score.
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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    I have an off the wall question and i realize binoculars have varied power sizes. What would separate this particular binocular which is deemed " marine" then any other type binoculars. What significance would it be to have the "M" on it or not. What sets this binocular apart from others for it to be Deemed Kriegsmarine. I ask this,,not to be sarcastic,,but curious ...why? Regards Larry
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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    The special KF lubricant, for one-was designed for cold inclement weather and the larger power too was needed in the Navy pieces. Most Army glass,as well as others, were in the 6x35 power range, but Officer's, naturally, sometimes had more powerful lenses. This is the beh "T" model which preceded the almost identical Rubber coated models that came next. Of course, you can find 10x50 Army glasses, etc, but these Leitz were pretty much designed specifically for the Naval units. The serial numbers also indicate date of manufacture and where the contract was destined for.

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    Default Re: Beh Bionoculars

    What really sets them apart is they were always coated,this is what the "T" stands for, transparulung (not sure of the spelling) basically the Germans put this on all coated optics,all kriegsmarine binoculars were coated,very very rarely do you see one without

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