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E-tool carrier is it good ?

Article about: I purchased this E-tool carrier of of E-bay last week I have found that they are a lot harder to find than the E-tool it self as there were no markings present on the leather. I did some res

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    Default E-tool carrier is it good ?

    I purchased this E-tool carrier of of E-bay last week I have found that they are a lot harder to find than the E-tool it self as there were no markings present on the leather. I did some research and found some other examples out there that were manufactured late war that as well had no manufactures markings I did find this a little odd but the one thing that did catch my attention was the stitching and the type of roller buckle that was used .As well as the patina once I got a good hands on inspection I could tell that it has been used and reused many times as there were two spots on the stap and buckle that showed a good amount of wear . I am posting some photos and would like some opinions from the membership please .

    Regards Mark K
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture E-tool carrier is it good ?   E-tool carrier is it good ?  

    E-tool carrier is it good ?   E-tool carrier is it good ?  

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    Talking Re: E-tool carrier is it good ?

    I would place it in the realm of Finnish, or some other European nation utilizing similar E-tools. Not seeing any discernible markings gives me no place to judge from, but the manner in which the shovel retaining straps are attached is not orthodox German ( watch as someone roles out a file on manufacturing methods in the village of Oder am Vistula, or some such cottage-industry-obscura, and the equipment accepted by OberKommand der WaffenAmt....they are out there waiting for the chance....and the internet gives them a suitable platform), though it harkens to WWI German models...again those pesky retaining straps are on the outside on them, or Finnish variants. Are there perceivable markings on the interior surfaces of the carrier? It just does not appear to be German wartime issue, though I may be off. I have been at this awhile and owned many of them (and bought my share of things that I did not know were not right til years later....the perils which every new collector must endure).
    I picked up a large batch of e-tools and covers from a store in Tampa some 20 years back, and an odd mix it was. The guy was just unloading it as so much surplus, and they were all piled in with US, Portuguese, and sundry shovels and covers. I just smiled and forked over $7 a shovel and $3 per cover ( actually less, since I cleaned him out of all of them, it came to less...) and did not grin til I was outside. WWI Russian, German, and Swiss blades, and Finn covers from the 30s, and German pre and WWI covers, 1/2 dz German/Norwegian folders, plus an Austrian pointed blade with matching cover. I sold the Finn covers to reenactors, and still have a couple of WWI covers and a box of shovels.
    Anyhow, from the past 38 years of collecting and then reenacting, I have seen alot of good stuff, more bad, and nowadays, a ton of good fakes. I even have a very cool wartime conversion of a Presstoff straight handle carrier, found in 1979, that had the straps moved 180 degrees, so that up was down, and it could then carry a folding e-tool.Three nice little parallel rust lines on the inside and everything....I should post photos. I am glad I built up my collection back when fakes could be spotted by the novice, for what I detect most in these forums today is a sense of paranoia and distrust, and, combined with the "I'm a blacklight internet expert" type egos out there, it makes for a very clannish community. I see good items debased by "experts" who will then show off some item they acquired with great paeans of detail to insure the skeptics that it is indeed one of those rare last ditch canteens that looked Swedish because the Swedes copied it....or something like that. So, it is a nice piece, but it does not appear to be a TR item. But again, they did use everything, ...and dealers will remind us of that. I remember guys trying to pass off Austrian Y straps as some "Rare SS Mountain Troop" issue...still happens . Good collecting to you,
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    Default Re: E-tool carrier is it good ?

    Good morning sir thank you for your reply at least now I do have an Ideal as to origin I will say I did not pay a lot for it and it will make a good filler till something better comes along .You are right thoe it is getting much harder to find original items out there I have purchased a few fakes/forgeries some times it is hard to post everything you want to purchase on the forum for review ie fleamarkets ,garage sales etc and you do get caught up in it and next thing you know you have purchased it bring it home to find you have been screwed .I had just recently purchased a collection from a collectibles dealer at a flea market to find out a large portion were fakes (after the fact of course) .But upon contacting him he has agreed to return my money as he does not want to make a bad name for himself as we live in a small village and everybody knows each other .

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: E-tool carrier is it good ?

    This shovel carrier has many similarities with german WWI carriers.
    Not saying it's one of them, but both belt loops sewn outside instead than being sewn between both parts of the cover and straps meant to retain the shovel are sewn inside which is almost specific to WWI german covers....also the color of the leather looks similar to imperial leathers...

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    Default Re: E-tool carrier is it good ?

    Thank you for your feedback it is unfortunate that there are no markings on it . I have gone and looked up imperial WW-1 E tool carriers and you are correct there is a striking resemblance to some of the late war issued ones that I have seen out there.

    Regards Mark K

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